Fib is the poisonous tree


This report is deleted by fbi

Fbi is the poisonous tree

This report uses a popular metaphor to show that many innocent people are imprisoned by fbi thugs who use tainted evidence and inhumane methods/technology to entrap & destroy lives.
Credit BARBARA HARTWELL and RAMOLA DHARMARAJ for inspiration that prompts this report.

For nearly half century I have recorded through testimony, irrefutable direct evidence, pleadings in courts and anecdotal evidence (including extensive & verified logs)
that the fbi routinely engage in crimes against their Targets.

The fbi in some instances cause others police agencies to join in (or pile on) fbi fraudulent felonious activities. See my
*** papers on topic, my WRIT, and my thousands of reports online which span half century.*

Therefore, all evidence obtained and rumors planted by fbi and their police associates (against a fbi Target) is suspect because the pervasive culture, or Tree, from which the evidence is produced and manufactured is poisonous. All such fraudulently obtained evidence should be excluded from consideration under the poisonous tree doctrine:
The source ("tree") of the fbi evidence is tainted, and then anything gained (the "fruit") from it is tainted as well.

See my documentaries on the corruption by fbi of USPI Knipfing, Texas DPS RODRIGUEZ,, U.T.Police Wilson & Bleier, Detective Adrian Posada of Brownsville Texas, and lately the Jose Solis matter in McAllen Texas. In many instances the fbi plants 'poisonous' data in efforts to cause police and prosecutors to arrest, prosecute and imprison innocent people, or to deny victims of fbi crimes their legal rights.

** The burden of the fbi's corrupt activities falls heavily on the poor and disenfranchised. Federal Magistrate Judges are equally guilty of illegally manufacturing tainted evidence ('fruit') when fbi sees the need.**

Today the fbi engages in a crime spree that ensnares thousands of innocent people in the fbi's rotten criminal rampage. I believe that all fbi sting and entrapment episodes are illegal and are devised by criminally insane fbi and their associates in the brotherhood of cops.


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