America, look what you have become


The USA is paralyzed or mesmerized by the rule of its very own human monsters in fbi.

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America, look what you have become


This report suggests that many Americans are becoming accessories to murder, theoretically.

America, Know what you have become:

The reincarnation of evil unprecedented in human affairs.

** In the tradition of murderous psychopaths Americans are being programmed to welcome atrocities committed in their name and for their benefit. Today, Americans who do not lift a finger, nor raise a voice in protest echo these words from one monster we all know too well:*

" The more we do to you,the less you seem to believe we are doing it."
Joseph mengele

*** Fbi and cia target and perform unconscionable crimes against human beings who report their pain and impending death in every way possible.**

We are being gassed, struck by deep space based directed energy weaponry, extremely low frequency sound waves and a wide variety of similar high technology which are secretly used to torture, maim and kill us.

Further, as we are pursued by these invisible forces, the fbi and their friends (including the likes of Senator John Cornyn, et al., and federal magistrate judges across the country) the fbi employs psychological terror against us by also invading our homes, poisoning us with bio-chem-viral elements; then, as though fbi dances on our minds, the fbi psychopaths experiment with their victims to see how long before their cameras catch the victims in suicide. Indeed, I have personally documented that fbi Special Agents (S.A.) placed bets in the fbi offices wherein money was secured from participating agents concerning the day, month and year of S.A. GERAL SOSBEE death by self inflicted wounds.

Today, many of our people are trying to survive fbi/cia assaults which a normal human being would not impose on a rat. None of my fellow Targets has the capacity to play with the sanity of someone who is being decimated in the manner referenced herein. Yet, fbi and all persons in government, tripartite, and all in controlled media pretend that our reports don't exist.

This summary report represents a criminal indictment of all persons who participate in these crimes against humanity, all who fail in their duty to stop the heinous offenses, and all others in the general population who know, or should know about these horrendous and inhuman attacks and do nothing to address them.

May Providence Open Your Minds before your names become synonymous with SS NAZI Monster Mengele.

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