Summary of USA Domestic Crimes Spearheaded by fbi


In this report I seek to educate the world about the plenary corruptive influence of fbi assassins.

From my personal and professional experience: A report of extreme societal and human corruption & evil in USA  which our leaders pretend do not exist because fbi is the primary guilty party.

This report redefines through evidentiary details the meaning of criminal insanity whereupon police, prosecutors, fbi and their operatives, doctors & lawyers and 'upstanding' and regular members of the community at large become accessories to torture, mayhem, murder and assorted unconscionable  crimes. They are in their work with fbi assassins criminally insane.

All courts and federal magistrate judges (fmj) are co-conspirators with fbi in  their crime spree which is unprecedented in human affairs.

Now Hear This:

The fbi turns USA into a living hell for Targets, whereas our most trusted and wrongly revered professionals support or otherwise participate in the torture, mayhem and murder of selected Targets. This bodes ill for all people everywhere. 

SEE my papers at:

A few pieces of evidence among dozens that I compiled for about half century:

The Rodriguez case, Tampa Fla.:

El Paso Texas as I began to practice law:

Fbi plans and  attempts  to suffocate me while I was unconscious in hospital recovering from surgery for a service connected injury:

EL PASO Tx: A doctor and a dentist tortured  me when I was a patient. Many upstanding citizens terrorized me at the direction of fbi. (SAC Schwein, fbi, was in charge of the COINTEL Program against me).

My Story In Detail. 

Fbi plants bacterial infection in proximity to the  brain:

Fbi orchestrated synthetic production by chemical combination an artificial kidney stone in vivo in me:

Note that fmj whose jobs and future depend on fbi favors fraudulently authorize fbi to poison me everywhere I eat. Fbi is very adept at swiftly entering restaurants & Starbucks to show the fmj order, and then instructing the employees how to poison me.

Medical fraud by a doctor for fbi:

SEE also my VA pdf at

All authorities, including boards of medical and dental examiners  ignore all my reports of crimes by fbi. See also:

USPI refused to investigate extensive mail theft by fbi, including theft of court summons in crime of assault and battery where the perpetrator (a fbi/police operative pled no contest); see part 19b referenced below. USPI also joins with Senator John Cornyn,  fbi, Texas DPS to threaten me and my wife in our home.

Fbi blackballs my name with all police who then ignore my reports of crimes and who then commit crimes against me.

Cruz case involving Jose Solis:

Detective Cruz in the Jose Solis case:

Alt links:

Alonzo Yanez case:

***Fbi operatives engage in extensive assaults and battery in public libraries with full cooperation of police and library administrations at Brownsville and Harlingen Texas (U.T.  campus).*


I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my dear and best friend...


... and to my 2 new friends,


Note that my efforts to record my audio presentation on RAMOLA' s video podcast was sabotaged by fbi at


2) MARY JOY MACKAY, author of an important work of non fiction,
" The Joy Thieves "

...for  their bravery in filing reports similar to this one. The three of these courageous women  are national treasures.


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