Oil Free Wellington Update September 2013

It was fantastic to see many of you at the events in August.

Anadarko Out! No Deep Sea Oil Drilling Off Our Coast!

** Oil Free Wellington Update September 2013

Kia ora koutou,

It was fantastic to see many of you at the events in August. We invite you to join the 350.org demo this Thursday, the NVDA training on Sunday, and the Stop the Summit action on the 18th September. It's gearing up to be an awesome spring of resistance. Read on for more!

You can’t silence us on Deep Sea Drilling – Thursday 5 September

12:30pm, Thursday 5 September, outside Parliament

We’re hoping lots of you can make it along to this (organised by 350.org).

“This week the Government announced it plans to remove the right of the public to have a say on deep-sea oil and gas exploration permits.

Not so keen on their plan?

Join us by the Parliament steps at 12.30 on Thursday to make a clear visual and auditory statement that "the Government can't silence us on deep-sea drilling"

We'll be putting a piece of tape across our mouths to symbolism the Government's attempts to silence the public voice on deep-sea drilling.

And then making ourselves heard anyway...Bring some sort of fun noise-maker that does NOT require using your mouth to make noise: pots and pans, handmade drums, tambourines, maracas or whatever you've got. We'll bring the tape, plus a banner to help get our message across.

Check out this article

Just because we're not oil or gas lobbyists doesn't mean we don't have a voice...”

Non Violent Direct Action Public Workshop – Sunday 8 September
Time: 1-5pm (snacks provided!)
Where: Sustainability Trust, 2 Forresters Lane (off Tory Street), Te Aro
Who: Anyone* opposed to deep sea oil drilling and interested in learning about NVDA for this and other work. We'll provide the basics of non-violent direct action as well as providing learning/discussion opportunities for the more experienced.
Cost: Koha

Come along and...
- be inspired by the history of NVDA actions both in Aotearoa and around the world
- learn about the theory behind the action
- get informed about your legal rights when taking part in an action
- have the chance to try out some awesome practical skills in a safe environment with trained facilitators from Greenpeace's actions team.

We'll be hearing from members of Oil Free Wellington against Anadarko's plans for deep sea oil drilling off the coast of Wellington and how NVDA can effectively be used in the movement against fossil fuel extraction.

This workshop promises to be inspiring, educational but most importantly a lot of fun! Please bring plentiful enthusiasm for learning about NVDA and a willingness to be a hands on participant. Email asap (and before Wednesday 4 September) to book your place: oilfreewellington@gmail.com (mailto:oilfreewellington@gmail.com)

*Spies not welcome

Stop the Summit – Wednesday 18 September
Rise up for climate justice and a fossil free future!

On the 18 and 19 September the Petroleum Summit is set to take place at Westpac Stadium in Wellington.

Our oceans are being sold off, seismic surveying is set to take place in the Pegasus Basin and exploratory drilling in the Great South Basin and off Taranaki within months, onshore oil and gas production including fracking is expanding and our right to protest and privacy is being removed.

Now is the time for us rise up and voice a collective NO to fossil fuel extraction agenda, and YES to a sustainable and equitable future.

We will meet on Wednesday 18 September at 7.15am sharp outside the Railway Station (next to the Gandhi statue) and march to the Petroleum summit at Westpac Stadium. We will voice our opposition powerfully, creatively,and peacefully. We know it’s early, but we’ll have coffee on hand. Please be on time so we can march together.

Bring banners, noisemakers, whistles, pots, pans, costumes, musical instruments, friends, whanau and anything else to help make this event lively and festive.

There’ll also be a gathering and korero on the Wednesday 18 evening, venue tbc.

Stall helpers needed – Sunday 20 October
We need volunteers to help with the Oil Free Wellington stall at the Tennyson Street, Te Aro fair on Sunday 20 October 2013 (postponement date, Sunday 27 October). The stall runs from 10.30am - 4.30pm, so any slot you can do (one hour or more) would be fantastic. Please email oilfreewellington@gmail.com (mailto:oilfreewellington@gmail.com) if you can help.

An Oil Free Wellington discussion at your meeting?
Spread the word: Another way we want to make it clear to Anadarko that we don't want deep sea oil drilling here is to get local groups to sign up to our letter of opposition. We are really keen to speak to local community groups about this issue. If you are part of a local group or know of a community organisation that you think would be interested in hearing about what is happening, please get in touch. These face to face conversations are a really vital way of letting people know what the stakes are. We're looking forward to speaking to local groups in Wellington and Lower Hutt over the next few weeks

Anadarko want to drill in Taranaki and Otago in January
This Radio New Zealand article says Anadarko plans to drill in Taranaki and then Otago this January. (So, not only do they want to do seismic testing in the Pegasus Basin, they want to start drilling in these other precious waters). We meet regularly with Climate Justice Taranaki and Oil Free Otago and we’ll pass on their calls for Solidarity actions.

Bidder 70 report
Oil Free Wellington and other Oil Free groups around Aotearoa are holding public screenings of the film Bidder 70 the story of economics student Tim DeChristopher who commits an extraordinary, ingenious and effective act of civil disobedience demanding government and industry accountability.

Bidder 70 proved to be a motivating and uplifting film for audiences around the country, with members of the sold-out crowd here in Wellington both moved to tears and inspired to join the campaign against deep sea oil drilling.

You can watch Tim interviewed by David Letterman here

Public Meetings report
Members of Oil-Free Wellington jumped on board local meetings organised by the Green Party to highlight the immediate threat of off-shore deep sea oil drilling.

"We're ready for action," said Oil Free member Fi Gibson, speaking at the Lyall Bay meeting.

Both meetings were well attended with folks fired up for a summer of action and resistance. Stats about the depth of the proposed drill in the Pegasus Basis - deeper than DeepWater Horizon - at nearly 2.7 km was a shocker to nearly everyone. So was the size of a potential spill from a rig compared to the Rena: such a spill could cover the North Island, with safety equipment weeks or even months away.

We hope to be at more community events and speaking to local groups in the next few months. Please get in touch if you would like our group to give a short presentation (with a powerpoint, if you like!) to your group.

Sign the Taranaki petition
Please sign Climate Justice Taranaki’s new pettion to Stop the Matuku well!
Tell the companies and the Minister of Energy that we don't want the Matuku prospect drilled.

This month, OMV NZ Ltd (Austrian), Octanex NZ Ltd (Australian) and New Zealand Oil & Gas Ltd want to drill an offshore well off the Taranaki coast between the Maui and Tui wells in the Matuku prospect in PEP 51906. The well is expected to take 40 days to drill to a target depth of 4756 metres in water approximately 130 m deep off the coast of Opunake between the Tui and Maui wells.

Save the whales! Protect fisherfolk! No more spills!
Sign the petition, and pass it on to your networks.

Marae Investigates – The oil and gas industry is turning nasty in New Zealand
Check out this neat media story about Kaikoura

Anti-fracking actions in the UK!
‘A "day of action" saw thousands of people take part in demonstrations at sites across the England.’

The timeline is here

Put up a sign against oil drilling!
Please consider making a placard to put up on your fence / house / window. This is so powerful. If you’d like a piece of korflute, please get in touch on oilfreewellington@gmail.com (mailto:oilfreewellington@gmail.com) as we’ve got plenty. (We also have a couple of stencils we can loan you – Better yet, make your own design).

Oil Free Wellington is a grassroots group and we rely on community support to raise funds. Right now, we are fundraising to make costumes for the demo on the 18 September. If you are able to donate, please do. Every dollar helps.

Oil Free Wellington
Kiwibank account
38 9014 0627315 00

Please include your surname in the reference column (if you wish) so we can email you a thank you.

Contact Us
We'd love to hear from you, so if you've got a campaign idea, or want to offer a particular skill etc. or invite us to talk to your group, please email us on oilfreewellington@gmail.com (mailto:oilfreewellington@gmail.com)

Updates List
We will send out updates once a month on this list, filled with information, campaign news, invites, and calls for action. As promised, we only send extra emails for really important events. So, we hope you agree that the two recent notices (NVDA workshop, and Stop the Summit) are super exciting and were worth the extra emails.

Thanks for campaigning with us
The Oil Free Wellington Crew
oilfreewellington@gmail.com (mailto:oilfreewellington@gmail.com)


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