Poems - by David Cunliffe and about him

deluded people might relate to this

Here are two poems for David Cunliffe's fans.

One written in 2010 by David himself and the other by me.

Politics With, Not For

By David Cunliffe

Politics For separates the politicians from the people.

It does not begin with those it seeks to serve.

It does not build trust, but breeds cynicism.

Politics With starts with being. Not doing, not telling.

It comes from the heart. The gut, not the head.

It is grounded in relationship

It is built through partnership.

It is about the We stuff, not the Me stuff.

About a fair chance for every Kiwi kid.

Whatever their situation or the size of their parents’ wallet.

It means working together for a better future for all of us.

Politics With is worth fighting for.

It is in our DNA.

And how we must be.

Politics With – what?

By Don Franks

Politics With – with what, apart from ancient cliché,

About the heart and gut?

What's that waffle to a wheezy pensioner in Upper Hutt?

What, really, is a fair chance for every Kiwi kid?

Attending school at Harvard like you did?

Why prattle on about the size of parents purses?

what can your system fill them with but tears and curses?

Your better future for all of us

has you safe in your limosine while others miss the bus

Pure spin is all that's in your DNA

don't waste our precious time with it

just go away.


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