Our world is full of ruffians and sychophants

State is the ultimate human society, a system where minority commands and masses are subdued. In so-called Free World they say we live under the Rule of Law. It is a lie; unless it's a law made by an élite and precisely done to usurp people's power

Our World is full of Ruffians and Sycophants

Fernando García Izquierdo

Having knocked somewhat about the world, I shall now dare to express my thoughts on what I shall call the science of political thought and the governance of people, in the hope of being able to transmit to others things they may not know.

Needless to say, though I believe in what I write, I do not intend to say that I am saying the truth. Absolute truth does not exist, in any case; all is relative. My purpose herein is merely to pass on to the reader, as I say, some impressions which have entered the cells of my brain perhaps long ago, or maybe quite recently. If I have been mistaken in my appreciation of facts, events, etc., or in my expressions, the language that I use, or to bad memory, I most humbly beg the reader’s pardon.
I have said I have travelled, implying that I left home long ago, became a migrant, refugee, a sentimental traveller. Unfortunately, I started my life in Spain where there was, at the time, one of those despotic monarchies of which the least an honest person can say is that it was (is) superfluous (all monarchies are.)

It was (1929) a rather turbulent period for my country, period that lasted until 1939, when Spain was condemned to a period of fascism which would last forty years. The war in Spain started with a putsch (followed by the invasion by Italy and Germany, two facist states, and Vatican approval), the most unjust, most destructive war ever known until then (a million deaths), in which war other countries intervened and helped the fascists, directly or indirectly, most significantly the United Kingdom. Only Mexico and the Soviet Union intervened in favour of the Spanish legitimate government.

There was at that time a world economic crisis, a crisis of capitalism, which went on and on, and only ended (as an economic crisis) when a greater horror took over and demanded attention, i.e., The second world war, in 1939. Contrary to what the first world war (which was a fight between imperialists) had represented, the second one was the struggle precisely against fascism (of which “nazism” is another name.)

Of this war and of the Victory in 1945 there is no need for me to write any more. I shall only say that, of the promise of liberating all the peoples of the planet from exploitation, nothing was done. On the contrary colonial exploitation went on and often intensified.

The second point is that capitalist philosophy, maximising profits, went on. The rich became richer. There were famous people like Lord John Maynard Keynes who, in order to prolong the existence of the system, elaborated a plan (Welfare state) which would give the working class, quite abundantly, the crumbs of the richman’s table and the title of ‘the worker’s aristocracy.’ The continued exploitation of the colonies was assured.

Needless to say the people under colonial exploitation came claiming their rights. And during the second part of the twentieth century, there were wars, assassinations, destruction, blood and chaos all over the world. Our Europe, North America, White Australia, etc were (are) guilty. Of course, there were (in the exploited countries) the Compradore Aristocracy; there was the meteoric ascension of Japan, and many other factors. But remember VIETNAM!

And our rich, all the time became richer, and the poor became poorer, and those among the poor who wanted at all costs to go up the ladder became lackeys. And we all contributed to devour the fruits of the earth. The very rich and powerful wanted to own the earth itself, entirely, for themselves alone.

And so the twentieth century went by. We welcomed the new century with signs
of great abundance among us. We Europeans now possess a new currency, the Euro, with the knowledge that the universal measure of exchange (the US dollar) is turning into a liability instead of an asset as before. The Yanks now having an impossibly excessive national debt, they no longer have enough money to continue so massively their wars in the Middle East.

Of course there are many causes that are taking humankind right to the point of destruction, we all know that; perhaps the bursting (another big-bang), of this little stellar body in which we all live.
If our deciders were to remember certain details of our history, they would recoil from becoming openly fascistic. They should remember that Fascism was defeated by the Red Army in 1945; and it can be done again. They would know and admit that it was THEY, and not the legitimate justified Liberation Movements, that “sent cannon, havoc, blood and death” during the second half of the century.

I would like to demonstrate (in an irrefutable manner) what I am saying. I shall however limit myself to expressing what I mean in just half a dozen lines: first, we won a WORLD war, of which the main object (I won’t tire of repeating) was “to end with the exploitation of humans by humans”; secondly, immediately after that, our enemy was not fascism, but communism; third, again our object (for such countries as France, Britain, etc.) became to stick, as much as possible and for as long as possible, to our POSSESSIONS.

Naturally, we had expropriated “our colonial subjects” from their riches. Why? We needed raw material for industry. Let us remember that (1946 onward) the free world commenced “the riot of the thirty glorious years, and our oh! so advanced industry and our liberal commerce (after the total destruction caused by WARRIORS.) Germany, France, America, Italy and, last but not least, the powerful United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, needed all those raw materials.


All my years as a student in Spain I longed to know what the free world was, and found no better avenue than the “Cultural Center” of the U.S. Embassy, in Madrid; a show of abundance, as the reader can guess, where we male students went, in the first place, to look at the bodies of beautiful women in LIFE and other magazines.
In the spring of 1953, the President of the United States, General Eisenhower came to Madrid to cause Spain to enter, (push Franco into) the Concert of Civilised Nations of the West. I was just then finishing my studies at the Faculty of Law of Madrid Univerity. For some people the Spanish border was opened, and with my father’s help I was allowed to travel.
In June 1953 I arrived in London. It was “Coronation Year” and all was very beautiful and very grand, ¡Viva! ELIZABETH II REGINA. I Ioved all I saw, I loved every minute of my life, there, then. I studied and I worked, manually, and for the first time in my life I had plenty of money in my pocket, no need to ask my father to supply me. I visited the land extensively.

After the war, the government developed a scheme designed to remedy the tragic fact that innumerable British young men had died on the Continent, and the absence from (farming) lands of the rest, gone to better-paid jobs in factories, just then operating at full blast: the scheme of the many VOLUNTEER AGRICULTURAL CAMPS, wonderfully organised camps which utilised, as residences for foreign students, the huts where the British Air Force had lodged their military forces, those black cylindric Nissen Huts, (MEN’S QUARTERS – FEMALE QUARTERS.)

Surrounded by so much beauty I failed to see that, in essence, I was living under the same system (under the same regime) as we, of the Free World, live anywhere under the capitalist system: i.e. Labour receives its wages; Capital obtains its profits.

The ambit of obscurantism, the number of countries which are squarely FASCIST today is great and is growing, and what is worse, the hidden forces of capitalism-imperialism are actively working for the strength of fascism to increase. They have plenty of means to this effect, which they know how to use, propaganda through the medias, howevermuch it costs.

In this matter, for the time being, I shall only mention that it is practically forbidden to call a cat a cat, or a spade a spade. Where before we used to say FASCISM, now you have to say POPULISM, because this latter word conveys the existence of current popular acclaim, “il populo”, the people.

In a decade, if God does not put a remedy to it (to present a religious comparison, as the public loves) ALL of the twenty-six and a half countries of the ‘European-union’ will be led by FASCIST governments.

As a man brought up under “fascismo duro” I am going to dare to say, and try to prove to you that capitalism and fascism belong in the same rank of exploitation of humans by other humans, the exploitation of the masses by a power elite.

  • Forty-five or forty-six years ago I wrote in my mother tongue something which I have now translated into English and which I offer to the reader hereunder. “As we well know it is through the institutions that the usurpers of the common wealth carry out their exploitation over all the other social classes. It is always a question of domination through a servile government, a parliament, the judiciary, the church, the media, and above all a powerful army. All that the usurpers carry out under the false name of democracy, acting (they say) under the rule of law, THEIR law. “However, if for whatever reason, that were not possible, if for instance the working people unite, demanding their rights, ‘el pueblo en marcha’ demands real revolution, the usurpers in command of the government at once appeal for fascism to come to the rescue.” It happened in Italy at the beginning of the twentieth century with Mussolini, D’Anunzio and other fascists. In countries of central and eastern Europe it is happening today.

I have used the term GOVERNMENT. Communists like Marx, Engels, Lenin and many others have sufficiently demonstrated that the state is a form of organising human society defined as an instrument for the exploitation of human by human. With types like Donald Trump at the command of free countries (I mean the executive) it will be easier for me to show that the state is such an instrument. What is the State?

The answer is that the state is simply one of the many FORMS of organising human society. The Australian Aborigenes, when the British invaded the sixth continent and took possession of it, saying that it was ‘res nulius’, were people living in an ORGANISED SOCIETY, which happened not to be a state (or many states, since I believe there were about a hundred differing walk-about groups.)
For us, the social organisation called state started with the City-State of Athens, some two thousand five-hundred years ago, and always, always, it was utilised by an elite AS AN INSTRUMENT OF DOMINATION.

And that is what we have (exists) in France today. It is the same in Spain, Britain, Italy, Germany, etc., but I shall only refer to France, which is the country where I reside.
In this country, there has been happening these last three or four years the most tremendous ‘bouleversement’ (let us say in the French language) ever imaginable. I will not hesitate a minute to say that this, the society of which I form part, is (or will be very soon) absolute havoc, and I am sure there will not be an intellectual person living today who does not know that France was one of three or four leading countries, for centuries, in the entire world. Indeed the saying that intellectual progess, rationalism, with expansion of culture ‘les arts’ started in the country a couple of centuries ago. We talk of the Siècle des Lumières, in the French language.

Nowadays, nothing. France is no longer a country of writers and thinkers. Those (writers) that appear continually, say on France-Inter radio, are second rate thinkers. There is no real ‘creation’ at all. This without counting that there are regions where youngsters of school age (I cannot say ‘school-children,) DO NOT go to school, and are on the streets selling drugs.
The State. There is no money. But the military budget increases. Like in colonial times. Does the reader know that France, whose politicians and diplomats go about boasting of being a Permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council, is waging foreign wars in half a dozen countries and intervening in Syria and other parts?
And at the same time millions of French people are languishing below the poverty line, as I heard on the national French radio a few days ago! France, as I have said, is a STATE. The usurpers of power, the deciders, one way or another, subject to obedience the immense majority, the masses. I repeat, they (the elite) subject the masses to obedience. The State acts in representation of the elite, a few individuals who own the State. “Who own”: the sacred right of property is the philosophy of Capitalism, is the doctrine of the Church.
So certainly all what I am saying is the truth, that the only free and truthful opposition to this capitalist government is represented by a party that called itself “les insoumis”.

And now we are going to pass on to the most important part of this article. When I wondered, a couple of days ago, how I should be winding up all these disparate ideas, I thought of Shakespeare. I am not going to quote him, even though there are quotations herein. What I mean by these quotations is that the IDEA is his. For the rest I’m quoting by heart.

“Where should we have this gold?,” are almost constantly asking the indecent rich in TIMON OF ATHENS, and probably the reader has been saying all these years: where do these “rascal thieves” place their gold? In our day it is as follows: Which speculative joint will give us the most interest?

We all know, thanks to famous investigative (or investigating) journalists, that we all in the Free World must try to find a way of robbing. Indeed the most profitable and well-respected jobs among us (until the CRISIS brougt out evidence of THE DECLINE AND FALL OF CAPITALISM), announced themseves as high executives in speculative joints. Aznar, Blair, the Clintons and so many more passed from government to speculation. When the Crisis hit us very seriously, the banks wrote to their clients saying that the money had been placed in the hands of one or several custodians who would constantly play with it through the markets of the world to assure them (the clients) they would receive maximised profits.

As for the defrauders themselves, the City’s mouth-piece, ‘The Economist’ is quite correct in stating that “nobody suggests that Her Magesty has done wrong. It’s the Duchy of Lancaster”.

We already know how many public men and women of our REGIME (capitalism-imperialism) have protested saying that it is not true what the forty investigators are saying: the Prime Minister complaining: “It was not me!! I was Daddy Cameron.”

The situation world-wide is still more calamitous. Of the part concerning that monster who wants to start a match with North Korea, we shall not say a word at this stage; but as concerns the so-called European Union there is a lot to say.
“Vergüenza les debería dar,” I say often to my wife when we discuss these matters. ‘I don’t know why these rascal deciders do not fall down with SHAME. Bandits, robbers, hypocrites!!!
At least don Mariano Rajoy in Spain “es todo un caballero”. His colleagues in other Free World countries are liars and more hypocritical than Rajoy.

We have said that Monsieur Emmanuel Macron is president of France and that France is a State. Others more knowledgeable than me (Marx, Engels, Lenin, etc.) have demonstrated that “the state is an instrument of domination of human by human.”
And here, in France that set of scoundrels I have referred to are telling us, at every moment, “… que l’État n’est pas là pour subventioner la classe ouvrière.”
Translating all this into Eglish, this is what I want to pass on to the reader.
Macron and his scoundrels are daily trying to convey to the French workers, who are perishing (the working class is), that they must (sic!) demand less because in the process of production “labour is too expensive and therefore profits are diminishing.”

About the United Kingdom, if the reader is not British, I can but recommend Thackeray’s THE NEWCOMES. He was born in India when Britannia really ruled the waves. He obviously never was (when an English novelist) an observer of the working class. He lived among the privileged aristocrats and landowners, financiers, speculators, bandits, deciders… and he saw and was served by all kinds of lackeys. All the same, the novel may be too overwhelming, but it is (in my opinion) very well written and the best description of the indecency of money-accumulation in one small class, and the indigence of the masses.

For me (in the fifties and sixties) civilisation consisted, once we were in the middle class, in getting into what the Italians called ‘il posto’. The senior partners of my firm in New York exhorted me to have always, to keep, the qualty of LOYALTY. It is like baptism: it is perhaps what keeps moribond capitalism still going on but going down a cliff.

And now we enter in the last part of our article, where I shall try to write on the subject of what the capitalists call maximising profits. Placing our money in obscure islands (for instance), which are known as tax-havens. Though there also are many on ‘tierra firme’ as well, like Switzerland, Luxemburg and many others.

Thinking of this and other subjects, I was one afternoon having a walk in the Park of Versailles, which is near my home, trying to wind up this article in my mind, when I said to myself. “What, the Panama Papers! Those forty journalists, the discovery of bandits robbing the Internal Revenues, so numerous!”

I sat on a bench and began to write, in case I lost track of the idea, and became uninspired again. The idea, in a few words, was the following: a) we all know that the crime committed by these ruffians amounts to billions and billions of dollars a year; b) the robbery is committed legally, it is legitimate what they do, the banks are the quintessence of the system; the very parliament here and there intervenes; c) it is the LAW, it is the system; they call themselves democracy; but they are only a set of usurpers.

After a while, I did not know how to go on. My mind was tired and I had not yet ended my article. I had a book by Cervantes in my pocket, and tried to see if I got some inspiration reading, and suddenly I was reminded of Shakespeare’s TIMON OF ATHENS. I wanted to finish the article then and there and, although I had no other book with me but Don Quixote, part of ‘Timon of Athens’ I know by heart. I put the sentences however in inverted commas. ‘Come, come, here is money. Now, rascal thieves, where should you have this gold”? (Today Timon of Athens would say, ‘Of course in one of the speculative joints.’ There are so many!)

After the said PAPERS many things have become known. But I assure the reader that before them, I was in one of the joints myself, and the same thing happened (seventies.) I published an article in LE MONDE, 1970; though I did not then write about kings, or presidents coming out of their counting houses and being told where to hide their dough… Great culprits all!

Simply as an outside observer I know that the world now is full of robbers. They have been trained, masters have worked to make them perfect, and perfectly acting, like comedians. And the main thing the capitalists demand is LOYALTY. Thereafter they pay you well.

There are other thieves who are not necessarily rich. On the contrary, in France they say that they are “sous the seuil de pauvreté”: “We are not thieves, but men who much do want.” (Shakespeare.) To them Timon says, talking to the servant and lackeys: “Large-handed servants are your master, and look at the” politicians, take your stick and descend them all from the senate, etc.

“Your masters,” Timon says to the workers “rob by LAW.”
That is the law that always keeps the poor in their poverty and the rich in the position of power they have usurped. CAPITAL ACCUMULATION. Now, “what ever moves the thieves?”

I have just said accumulation. What for? the reader may be asking. And yet, that is all the science of capitalism. To get mountains of dust and covert them into capital. Deprive the masses of all their rights and exploit them, farmhands, factoryhands. Today not even that, unemployment; let them all die of starvation.

And I now ask myself: did these forty investigating (or investigative) journalists say that those several million activists whose intention is always to maximise profits have millions of agents, who actively operate with those maximised profits around the the world rob BY LAW, laws made in London, passed by Parliament, London? Well, four centuries ago, William Shakespeare knew: to the slaves, many centuries earlier, Timon said: “Servants, rob, your masters rob by law.”

It is urgent that we do something. Even Donald Trump has come to see a bit of reason. He will not use America’s weapons of the sharpest edge, if North Korea destroys its own arsenal.

“What moves the thieves?” asks Shakespeare.
“The mere want of gold,” comes the reply, meaning the wish for accumulation. What? Goods, commodities. “Commodity!” says the poet in another work, The evil of mankind!! Mad world, mad kings, bad composition.”
“Do, villain do, rob one another,” says Timon of Athens, “from the banks, from general excrement. All that you meet are thieves, nothing that you rob comes but from thieves.”



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