Insanity where we refuse to see it


The fbi, police, fmj and members of the community are in fact insane as I have proven.

In all stalking, harassment and DEW/ELF attacks on Targets, the perpetrators including fbi agents & operatives & federal magistrate judges overlook one major point: each of them as they attack and injure (physically or psychologically) the Target

is insanely engaging in unconscionable crimes.

I therefore repeat that, though the perpetrators be government sponsored, they are no less criminally insane than many psychotics claiming "insanity defense" in courts across the nation.

The fbi trains police to be sociopathic in their duties, but a cop or fbi agent can't turn off the mental pathology at the end of his shift. He/she lives with the killing disposition 24/7/365.

So, all the cops who helped fbi terrorize me and who falsified police reports to cover up fbi crimes against me (or who refused to accept/investigate crimes reported by me) are criminally insane accessories to terrorist acts by fbi.

All of the cops whom I have previously named and all of the federal magistrate judges who authorized fbi to torture and attempt to murder me are truly insane and criminal in their acting out on behalf of fbi assassins.

All of the above referenced perpetrators of crimes against me and against other Targets must stand trial, together with any individual citizen (neighbors and thugs) who piled on.


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