Ruthless men seize power on earth.

Disillusioned & Betrayed
are we that the United States of America and all of its institutions and most of society surrender to the lowest and most despicable criminal minds who ever ruled on earth, the murderers and torturers of fbi, cia, nsa and their kind globally.
Not only do we, the Targets of abuse, lose our motherland, but our dreams, hopes and aspirations (which in many of us were of supreme value in this life) are broken into a million pieces.
We awaken today as though all of our work and all of our concepts of right are simply dreams which are no longer consistent with reality. We discover to our extreme chagrin that all of the evil of men throughout the ages is now consolidated into the hands of ruthless men with devilish minds and high tech torture tools. These same men are ambitious of power and brandish contempt of law.
We see for the first time that no more heinous and insidious cowards & murderers are hatched and nourished in USA than the clandestine assassins of fbi/cia.
'These are the times that try men's souls', and we here are the ones who must educate the world of our gruesome discoveries. We honor this duty.
For if anything of eternal worth shall survive the disasters that befall us, we the bearers of truth are that worth and are (in our humanitarian spirit)the last hope for humankind .


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