Fbi is on a role of criminality unprecedented in human affairs


This report on fbi egregious crimes must outrage all thinking humans.

This post seeks to address the pure evil of fbi, et al against many Targets.
Following the report is my recent message to a **FACEBOOK friend who was attacked by a perpetrator and who now faces criminal charges for defending himself physically.
This report also represents my personal opinion and is not legal advice.
I make the information here public because so many Targets are being severely abused by fbi and other agencies that all manner of informed responses are urgently needed.
I have learned the following facts during the past half century as a layman, defense attorney, judge & magistrate, fbi Special Agent & Human Rights Activist against fbi and their corrupt federal judges who often are principals or accessories to murder, etc. (see my reports on topic at Academia.edu).
Here is the report:
Targets are often included in fbi termination protocol which includes death by apparent 'natural causes' , imprisonment for defending against provocateurs, hospitalization in mental wards where brain cells are rearranged (causing loss of some cerebral faculties), shot dead by cops and fbi.
Finally, I have learned from contacts with defendants, Targets and my own observations the following:
The fbi agent who controls the life of his Target often makes a determination that the government watch program is more effective when the Target is infected with any form of contagious disease. See my *report on "Abuse of the Global Disease Surveillance Program ".
The fbi agent then sends an infected male or female to seduce the Target.
Once infected the Target is often further labeled as a threat to society and a public health hazard who all must avoid.
The fbi also uses DEW, MICROWAVE and ELF attacks on Targets to drive them insane.
This type of unconscionable assault on people whose life style is deemed unacceptable to fbi or who is adversarial to fbi/cia/nsa/police standards is ongoing everywhere now.
The fbi is on a role of criminality & inhumanity unprecedented in human affairs. Forced Suicide is also frequently the outcome of fbi hideous psyops and physical assaults on a demonized Target.
See my report on the fbi messages to me , "kill yourself GERAL SOSBEE " and " Pack It Up" at:


My medical clearances are at:




I recently sent the following message to a friend on FACEBOOK:

I understand. If your attorney seeks input from me, advise him that I too am assaulted and attacked by thugs who seek to provoke a response in order to jail me. I have had to walk away from conflict, even though I am trained to defend.

I am licensed in SCOTUS and other courts and I can confirm that political Targets are attacked the way you were. See my report on related topics at



I would be willing to speak with your attorney if he deem appropriate.
Best Wishes,



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