Resignation of Bill English

Letter to editor of Dom Post, Wellington. English's 'big lie' on the SAS in Afghanistan was reassuring to the plurality who voted National to support National's lack of action on climate change.

The Editor, The Dominion Post, Wellington

14 February, 2018

Dear Editor:

The cultural changes required to contain the worst of climate disruption and the threat of nuclear weapons are fundamental and terrifying to people of most political persuasions. National won the last election (a continuing 44% vote) primarily because it has been so persistent in doing nothing significant about climate change, thus blunting that terror.

But the electorate was also assured another National Government would persist with that big lie denial with another big lie about the SAS in Bamyan Province (Afghanistan, 2010). PM Bill English tried to say that there was no need for an investigation because he had seen one video clip from Defence. It was clear to everyone that the events could not be evaluated without first going directly to the villagers, so Mr English’s big lie was evident, and reassuring.

It should not be seen as a coincidence that Mr English’s resignation as National’s leader came a day or so after the current Labour led government announced it would perhaps ask for an independent investigation into those events. With that investigation, he would no longer have been able to make his simplistic claim, and the spell of that lie would be broken.

Richard Keller


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