"The princess is sad, what may the princess have"

The Brexit question has submerged Britain in a quandary; it seems the mess won't be solved. In international relations imperialists seek positions of strength. An awful paradox, for dying Capital has not a minute to spare. Catastrophe is the word.

“The princess is sad, what may the princess have”

Fernando García Izquierdo

So-called European Union.
Our deciders are undecided. In Britain as well as in Continental Europe there are big question marks. What is happening just now in matters of government and law, in interregional and international relations? Where are the powers that be; are they hidden (fuerzas ocultas), as they have nearly always been… or are they just at present coming out of the blue to take over directly everywhere the reins of power in their hands? We know who is Mistress May, but where has Monsieur Macron come out from, what actually did we know about this figure-head except that he was a young man, married to a much older woman, led by financiers and big bankers, “la Maison Rothschild?
Escapee Frau Merkel is not an unkown character, but who are those (say) three hundred Germans, who recently won an election, calling themselves socialists and whom Señor Rajoy would gladly have in his fascist government?
In England the knights of the aristocracy of the War of the Roses who left the print of blood and devastation wherever they trod, in France the “deux cent familles” who subjugated the French people from time immemorial and were the cause of the French Revolution and of “la Terreur” that sent half of them to the ‘guillotine’ and the rest into exile, “les emigrés” received in London, Saint Petersburg and other famous Royal Courts, why are they coming onto the scene once more, just now, everywhere simultaneously? More importantly, as things are, who will govern us tomorrow, on the one hand, and what must we, the proletarians, do?

The state in which we are, at present.
For today, here, everywhere in the Free World, there are the masses, hungry, dispossessed, and types like Trump, capital accumulators who could buy nearly the whole Free World, almost in a jiffy. Theoretically, under our law, this is possible, as is possible that the Washington set (‘dans le numérique’ as the French say) can go on and on owing to the rest of us mortal beings fifty-eight trillion dollar I believe.
I need to express my thought emphatically, seeing I am an old man who has seen so many brigands on the road all along. I saw several mornings, playing football with my friends, using a rag-ball on the only tarred way from Madrid to El Pardo, the black-curtained automobile (accompanied by motorised police) which changed the course of history, i.e., more important than the semi-silly story called Brexit. That black limousine took Sir Anthony Eden to meet General Franco and set the terms of a secret alliance which would be the foundation for the forty years slavery of the Spanish people.
I invite the reader to read the transcripts of the Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam Conferences (1943-45), where Sir Winston Churchill (Eden’s brother in law) battled furiously against Stalin to save Franco, Hitler’s partner, and keep said fascist alive and powerful.

What are now the States that functioned all those years
The state is supposed to be the organisation of society in the hands of only a few (let us say, of a group of rich owners) claiming to rule for the general wellbeing; whereas the fact is that there are governments that do not care in the least about the wellbeing of their citizens. On the contrary.
Spain, for instance: we all know how the head of the government was taken to Brussels some years ago, and there the present leaders of the capitalist-imperialist REGIME took him to task, as those rascals are wont to do; and when don Mariano Rajoy flew back to Madrid, having learnt the lesson that he was not to bother about the dispossessed, came before the public, his horrorised countrymen heard him vomit the now habitual “No hay dinero”. Quite frankly he told them, like a good boy, this fairy story (which Emmanuelle Macron and his three hundred are daily telling us now in France.)
Dear subjects: you must be aware of the fact that we are living in a period of diminishing proficts. Let us first refurbish OUR FINANCE. It suffices to know a bit of economics to know it is THE employer also called entrepreneur who commands. He always utilises the banks which supply “dough” for industrial production, etc. It is now easy to say that only Capital can give employment to labour and bring economic activity to the country. However, this is a big lie as Marx and thousands more have proved.

Millions have been spent in propaganda by capitalism-imperialism to tell us this fabulous tale since 1945.

The original hidden forces are trembling.
They don’t know what to do. Britain, in particular, is in an absolute pickle. As a lawyer, I would like to demonstrate this, “A por A y B por B”; but in the first place I have not much free time, in the second, “lo que es evidente no necesita demostración”. I mainly listen to the news on the radio, with my wife, in the morning (France-Inter) and these days it is a rosary of little horrors we hear almost every day about the ancient Britannia ruler of the waves.
Let me refer to the days (I lived them) when the United Kingdom was an “imperial passion” for all those “honourable and proud Englishmen” who engaged in colonial wars ready to die for the empire any minute. Remember that in 1944, when the free world made the US dollar the universal MONEY-VALUE, the Sterling pound was turned into a secondary universal exchange value for trade with India and a world of colonies where “the sun never set”. Well, the reader may not believe it, but at least a dozen times we’ve heard on the wireless that the former “Perfide Albion” now is a NOTHINGNESS.

The Economist Nov.2017
Since the Brexit referendum, in June 2016, the British hidden forces “are conducting the negotiations agonisingly slowly.”
And agonisingly slowly will continue to act these born hypocrites who seem not to be good at anything but lying. My own guess is that this will go on ‘per secula seculorum’. This is so palpably evident when you carefully watch the painfully complicated acting of the main comedians in the play, either isolated or all together... Macron, Trump and the rest. Mrs May, whom everybody among the hidden forces saw as a second Mrs Thatcher (reincarnated) is only a person confused and out of sorts. None of them know how to tackle the BREXIT PROBLEM, as it is already called.

West German-French friendship.
The hidden forces of capitalism-imperialism sought already before the second world war was over the union of all “the Powers of old Europe” as Marx and Engles said in 1847, “to exorcise” the spectre of communism.
There we have the answer. The reason why we absorbed into the said alliance so many escapee-states such as Latvia, Poland and half a dozen others, and we have persistently campaigned for the inclusion of Ukraine in the Club. “Come, come rascal thieves”, new-fascists of the world, we offer you gold, entry into the European Union, a conglomerate of so-called sovereign states within the so-called Free World, interregional contacts, banking, finance, freetrade, free capital circulation. All of them are forcing the people they say they represent to eat less and less.
At least the Spanish-government has always been right-wing. But I swear that to hear now every day on ‘France-Inter’ President Macron or his ministers reciting the same story about France needing to allocate all the money there is to make INDUSTRY superstrong, when it was the very same capitalists that destroyed French industry, in order to maximise their own profits, is simply odious.

Englishmen all, from the London Banks.
Now, in view of all this, i.e., given that from Sweden to Malta, and from Ireland to Romania all the sycophants of Europe sooner or later RUSHED to join the common-market, what has been always troubling Britain (1947, 1973, 2015, 2016 and on and on) about going in or going out, considering and considering, advantage and disadvantages? The answer I believe is history.
The United Kingdom was not only an empire, but it was the biggest empire ever. Millions and millions of subjects. Entering as one European nation a limited common market? Difficult to even consider it. There were international trading links embodying hundreds of other international-bodies, what to do with them? Countries like New Zealand and Australia were then more English than the British, would then the UK commit disloyalty turning HER imperial back on them in order to marry the French and Germans? What about India, still THE JEWEL OF THE EMPIRE?

Britain couldn’t join Continental Europe then.
The United Kingdom had its commerce with its colonies in all six continents; its military manoeuvres and wars elsewhere than Europe (except Greece); it had its dominions of sister-countries; it had its PROFITS, coming from the south, the east, etc., and, most importantly London bankers had succeeded at Bretton Woods, in 1944, in securing, as I have said, the quality of a secondary universal measure of exchange for the sterling Pound so the U.K. could deal directly in trade with immense India and a great number of dominions and colonies.
In such circumstances how could the British sacrifice its imperial status to become a member of a small European club?

And now, poor hidden forces! They’re sad.
What has happened? Why are the descendants of that IMPERIAL GLORY practically begging: please let us stay in the EU? The fact is that British capitalism now finds itself too lonely, too little in a world of giants like USA, China, India, etc.
Like other European countries Britain has lost its colonies, real assets, and soon is going to lose everything. The pound is going down, finance, banking… ay! we’re naked!
My own opinion, as an outside observer of British life, is that the London aristrocracy-cum-finance follows today the same rascal purpose as it has always followed in history. However that may be, at this point of time they are not sure how act, how to go on, in other words. “One thinks himself th master of others, and still remains a greater slave than they”. (Rousseau)
Well paid agents and masterbuilders of Reaction (the most reactionary forces to operate these two hundred and fifty years) are nowadays in a state of absolute depression and despair. I’ve heard on the wireless this morning that, unless they solve quickly “their Brexit-problem” (and as sure as hell, I say, they won’t), the living standards in the United Kingdom are going to go down thirty-seven percent in so many years (I forgot the date.)
I was in London first in coronation year (Elizabeth II Regina was crowned and, Oh my God! what I could tell the reader about glorious England then. Almost full employment, free medical care, good education programmes totally free, all sorts of public services, and other help. And I was guilty THEN because I was exultant, loving the system. How on earth did I not see the crime of which I made myself an accomplice in a way. That English GLORY which so delighted me, was the product of the exploitation of a million people around the planet.

Poor poor pussy-cat.
The Queen is moaning: the Crown, the greatest jewel any monarch might desire to possess IS too heavy to be worn by an ordinary mortal. It gives Her Majesty “maux de tête” (I’ve read this in a French paper. Chroniclers and historians of other epochs would have never believed their ears, imperialism yields naught but shame and bitterness… and “headaches.”
On a much lower scale, we mortals see: so much ambition, unperformed promises to oneself, wasted efforts, that ambition, hunger for power, the goodies that power generates, possesion, profit-maximising, accumulation… Oh, what! all for nothing, nothing but an essay in futility? personal and collective failure, the nation perishing?
Vainglory! It turns out that the Prime Minister Ms May is not worth a penny (said in plain English.) Or more clearly expressed, in vulgar language: not worth a dollar, the universal measure of exchange and value, Dollar Standard. America First. Policeman of the World, Superpower. The only Power with Voice and Vote in the entire world. And about that promise or hope of finding a second Iron Woman, a new old-Missus Thatcher? Naught.

Back to the Brexit Problem.
I have inadverently been changing the subject of this article, which had initially been to prove that the Imperial London Hidden Forces are and had always been a lusty lot.

Scoundrels, I called them in an article posted long in the Antipodes. But, so bad, if God favours them so, all the time, in their Counting Houses, calculating, considering the advantages and disadvantages of exploiting the Spaniards or changing to the Romanians, say, to make motorcars for the French, the Belgians and the English.
The reader of course knows that the (French) Transnational Corporation Renault is at present number one car manufacturer in France and one of the biggest in the world. At the same time as its profits soar, more and more workers are sacked on a large scale; secondly, the corporation evades taxes to the Revenue. I was still in my fatherland (early fifties) when Renault started to make its cars in Spain, closing a number of French factories. In Spain the workers earned a third of what demanded the French, and were more docile. And after that the capitalists sought still more profitable avenues. By pure chance I was in Castile, when the Valladolid and Palencia plants were about to be shut down, and I saw coaches arriving in the Palencia plant, loaded with Moldovian and Romanian workers who were to stay in Spain until closure in order to learn “car-manufacturing until new models were built in those two countries” almost to the exclusion of manufacturing them elsewhere, at a third of the initial cost for the capitalists.
Today, as I walk in the streets in Versailles I don’t see (among the recent models) any “Renault” car, which is not made in Eastern Europe. That is Capitalism and that is the European Union.

Let us recapitulate
The most important thought I would desire to pass on (because of my advanced age) to the reader, is this: the origin of the Coal and Steel Union, Common Market, European Economic Community and the rest was anti-communism. As a university student I used to travel, and in Cologne I witnessed the embrace of Der Alter (Chancellor Adenauer) with the French leaders. All the hidden forces of capitalism-imperialism rejoiced. The event had been brooding since before the end of the war (since 1944, Bretton Woods.)
For the Hidden Forces in London, the enemy was and had always been communism. Remember that some members of the aristocracy had entered into negotiations with Hitler and his camerilla very early in the piece, beginning with King Edward VIII and his lover (who was also Goebbels’ lover, an Amercan widow.)
There is evidence (specially in British dailies and weeklies that the said hidden forces where contacting the Americans and others all the time to make sure which way West Germany would go, and which way Italy, which way Japan?”

To make a long story short.
The military forces of the West went so far as to fabricate a beautiful fairy tale. “The German Miracle” was the title of the story: in the government (I mean, the forces than commanded in Bonn), more and more were constituted by elements of the Third Reich, from the point of Politics and in Industry (“They are back,” was the general commentary.) In Washington, Truman and General Marshall made no secret of their doctrinal attachments: Not to repeat past mistakes. Rush to feed the defeated (it was done later on with Japan.)
Make sure that Western Germans ate more and better than the British workers or the French! Give them new machines and machine-tools for industry. Let’s build a barrier against the advance of Comunism.
I am insistently telling this story, which the reader may have forgotten, or never known about, because I stayed those years in three countries; and because historians seem to refuse to tell this (important) story ‘in toto’. But I’ve promised to make this story short and, therefore, pass on to another matter.

For Capitalism, this was essential in the GOOD days.
The descendants (successors in the job) of aristocrats Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Anthony Eden could not now fight or antagonise in a visible way “EUROPE” (let us use the term the public likes), for we were in the seventies and thereabouts, head-on in the Cold War.
Communism (I won’t tire of repeating) was the enemy. Yet the British soon began to be suspicious of the entanglement of this un-British interregional union, first called a Coal-and-Steel production joint, then Common Market, of trafficking and lying about the freedom of circulation of people and capital, the European Economy Union, and (I don’t know why) there was a further change of name, i.e., European Union, which finally included those disinherited States, escapees from communism, now entering one after the other head-on into fascism.

And there came Harold Wilson, ‘figure providential’
Long before that drift towards fascism in the East, in the West of western Europe there was the victory of socialism of sorts. “Oh! At long last!” we shouted in the streets of Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, etc.
Pernicious bloodsuckers, that was. Yes, there was the reluctant peer, Anthony Wedgwood-Benn and one or two others, but of the rest (say) cabinet? “those types,” I said to my wife, who comes from those parts, “of socialism they had less than my grandmother (my abuela)”.
With the arrival of those people in the House, a “Labour House of Commons”, the bloodsucking hidden forces rejoiced. It would be very difficult for me to explain in an internet article the adventure (WE ARE SEEING IT). I’ll try to summarise it in ten lines.
It was the richest among the rich that opted for “union”, a greater field for their robberies. They now had “in the House a Prime Minister who was a born manipulator: and for the first time in history the British people, the poor and rich, were given the right to vote freely in a referendum. Let them choose, it was said, are we entering (sic!) Europe or not? (In brackets I will say that all had been already decided before hand. BY THE BANKS!!) And that hypocritical race of hidden forces had convinced the people that entering was the thing to do. The very head of the Labour Party made propaganda for going in, turning their jackets so to say. “Parliament Sovereign!?” Rubbish, everybody said. Only Tony Benn and a few others voted ‘no’ with the working classes. That is the full story.
In October 1973, the House of Commons voted for the entry of the United Kingdom and joined the ECC.

My kingdom for a horse.
It has been said that the entry never materialised, that the UK formally entered the Europen Union, that the heart was never in, that they were “Atlantists” loving more their American cousins than ‘us Europeans’. Most of the time mere spoil-sports, putting the brakes on all the time to real advancement, the possibilty of further integration.The monetary union being a case in point, etc.

May I say, as an outside observer which I have always been, that this is in great part a lie. A solemn lie of the French since the time of General De Gaulle, who for historical reasons hated “les Anglais”. Let me please explain all this “à ma façon”.
In 1940 France became a fascist règime, main ally of Hitler in hunting out Jews in French territory. I’ve said France and not the French, “les Français libres,” as is officially termed. In Paris, Colonel De Gaulle, personal enemy of Maréchal Pétain, the Président of the Republic, didn’t like what had happened. And he moved to London.
When the Red Army won the big battle of Stalingrad in 1943 against fascism and nazism, the British and the Americans immediately sought alliance with the Soviet Union. Everybody has heard of the Conferences of Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam: Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. The war was now on the way to being won.
But, Oh, my God, they had forgotten France! Now, talking about the WAR, and forgetting about “La France”!! The nation represented human civilization ‘in toto’, the bastion of ‘liberté, égalité et fraternité’. Not to have invited France to the CONFERENCES! In a word, in his London residence now-General De Gaulle had a tantrum.
This was to influence French international policy forever more.
But the main factor (always vis-à-vis EU) was anticommunism. It has always been so since 1847 - The Manifest of the Communist Party.

The birth of “Europe” was the alliance, more or less provoked by external forces, of two former enemies, almost at the end of a terrible war: victor and defeated. These two countries were united by the grace of capitalism-imperialism. This was the start of what was called the Cold War.
The ex-Third Reich had been thoroughly defeated, its territory occupied by those who had won the war against fascism.
Why did the Powers of the West break their alliance with the Soviet Union? why did they get several chunks of the former German territory to constitute almost straightaway (1947) a NEW State called West Germany and General Marshall’s plan to pump money into it? This enabled West Germany to flourish and become an important Power in this part of the world. The answer to these questions in anti-communism.

This is the way we FOUGHT the Cold War until President Kennedy’s emotional declaration “Ich been ein Berliner”, which was almost a formal declaration of war. The celebrated “Fall-of-the-wall” was the logical consequence. West Germany absorbed the Deutche Demokratic Republik and became the greatest power in continental Europe.
Needless to say, with the help of traitors like Yeltsin (USSR) and others, the West could claim total victory.

History goes on
And now the European Union is full of purely fascist States, among them several countries from the East, former escapees from communism.

Not unnaturally the British opted for leaving such a den of reactionaries. But this does not explain why Her Majesty’s hidden forces are acting so ridiculously, one day no (let´s leave) then yes (wanting to stay). There is even talk of calling a new referendum to make the people change their minds.
Exploiting the working classes to such an extent for so long a period has left the whole nation bloodless.
Mrs May, a new Mrs. Thatcher, “Hurrah!” And now, everything is topsy-turvy.

In conclusion
In my opinion the British, who until then (1973) were very different in constitutional law from “the Continental” have been entangled, all these years in matters of which we Continentals could have no idea. These were the questions: 1) Parliament is sovereign or not; 2) Such points as Schengen membership did not concern UK, but why not; 3)The Monetary Union would be advantageous for British financiers, who would be allowed to meddle more directly in economic matters, or would it be a disadvantage for godly Pound Sterling (monetary union which even the Irish so proudly adhere to) 4) What should be done: altering substantially little by little Common Law, or should the U.K. join the mess of administrative codified continental stuff; and a hundred similar questions. I don’t know if am correct in my thought, but I remember that when I first got any knowledge of Common Law I thought it superior, more democratic. Today England (Britain) is neither one nor the other.

And the result of all that is turmoil.

As they say in my mother tongue “Not even the Lord Above understands this mess.” (“¡No lo entiende ni Dios!”)
It is a somewhat irreverent sentence, but no harm is meant by the person employing it. On the contrary, what I am trying to convey by it is an urgent need for CLARIFICATION. It has to be agreed that policy and international law are today extremely obscure.
Where does Macron (“the emptiness”) come from, occupying, as he thinks the post of Emperor of Europe? Who brought Merkel to Bonn from the Deutsche Demokratik Republik, the most important person in the 27 member union that now the British seek to abandon? There are a great number of questions like these that need to be urgently asked. And answered!

Nota Bene.
The title of this article is taken from a poem by the Nicaraguan poet RUBÉN DARÍO (1867 – 1916.)
“La princesa está triste… ¿qué tendrá la princesa?”



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