Fbi traitors are also gang stalkers against Targets


Fbi has stalked, assaulted, harassed & terrorized me for 40 years.

Gang Stalking ("Fight to the death for truth and the Lord God will fight for you.
Ecclestiasticus of Sirach")

The information below on gang stalking and corruption of police is excerpted from


(Note that I and my wife experienced a year of intense assaults by gang stalkers and toxic fumes pumped into our unit, plus DEW assaults . Apparently, about 50 people joined in the offenses against us).

Some of the links below are from my reports which serve as examples of the events described in the 'gangstalkingsurfers' article. Many of my papers on topic are available at:


"Gang-stalking relies heavily on …
1. The target becoming so psychologically demoralized that he/she believes there must be something wrong with him/her and is, therefore, afraid to say anything for fear others will think them crazy;"


"2. The target will have no evidence beyond his/her word that the gang-stalking is happening;"


"3. The target will have no detailed records or documentation showing what, when, where, and to what extent;"


"4. The target will not be able to find out who the perpetrators are or those involved in the gang-stalking."

The following link on gang stalking is written by Mr. CLIFF HUYLEBROECK:


Many of the crimes that victims of gangstalking report are implicitly authorized by federal judges who are the most corrupt white collar officials in the judiciary. These offenses sometimes cause victims to go crazy (see stories on Myron May & Aaron Alexis).

All who join with fbi in the torture of a victim are criminally insane and should be prosecuted. The world's population is being transformed into sociopathic killers en queue, and nothing can be done to reverse the trend.

Gangstalking is a symptom of human degeneration orchestrated by the global intelligence services working together to control human beings.


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