‘I'm not convinced there has to be a national day’

Socialist Alliance’s Indigenous Rights spokesperson Sam Watson considers there has been
“a definite strengthening and expansion of the Black political struggle”. Watson was referring to the record-breaking attendance at Invasion Day rallies Jan. 26.

Sam Watson:
‘I'm not convinced there has to be a national day’

Alex Bainbridge
February 2, 2018

'Socialist Alliance’s Indigenous Rights spokesperson Sam Watson considers there has been
“a definite strengthening and expansion of the Black political struggle”.

'Watson was referring to the record-breaking attendance of tens of thousands of people
at Invasion Day rallies around the country on January 26. ...

“We had enormous support from political groups, church groups, community groups and ordinary people from the community. We especially want to acknowledge the strong support from the trade unions, who gave money and marched with us. It was an amazing and uplifting experience.” ... '

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Gary Foley on history, Black Power and idealism

February 2, 2018

[The following is an abridged version of Gary Foley’s speech to the huge Melbourne Invasion Day on January 26.]

'Look at this! This takes me back a long way. I think you’ve certainly outdone last year.

'This is a great crowd and I congratulate those who organised it. I haven’t seen a crowd like this since the 1970s in the heyday of the Aboriginal political movement.

'And speaking of the heyday of the Aboriginal political movement, on a day like this it’s probably important to remember some of the history on this day that goes way back. ...

'Whether you are a blackfella here today or whether you are one of the numerous non-Aboriginal supporters here today, I urge you to learn more about the history of Australia.

'Learn why and how the first ever Aboriginal political organisation in this country was set up in 1924 by Aboriginal followers of Marcus Garvey.

'Now, this is the sort of history you don’t get taught in school. ...

'I congratulate not only the organisers but every person here for turning up and I’ll see you all next year when you bring all your grandmothers and the others with you and we get 100,000 people here.

'Thank you.'

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Invasion Day: the tide is turning

Lalitha Chelliah & Jacob Andrewartha
February 2, 2018

'The enormous — some estimate 60,000-strong — Invasion Day rally in Melbourne
was a fitting rejoinder to the conservative campaign pushed by the mainstream media
and politicians in the lead-up to January 26. ...

'“We have not organised this [rally] to change the date,” Tarneen Onus-Williams told the crowd, referring to the debate over whether the call to change the date of Australia Day is adequate.

'“We have organised this to abolish Australia Day because f*** Australia ... I hope it f***ing burns to the ground.”

'WAR — Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance — the Melbourne rally organisers, say the campaign to change the date is a “feel good” gesture, which would do nothing to address the fundamental issues Aboriginal people face today.

'The attack from the conservatives was predictable, but the push back to support Onus-Williams and the other young Indigenous leaders who helped make the biggest rallies for Indigenous rights since the 1970s and 1980s has also been swift.

'The hashtag #IStandwithTarneen went viral on social media and gained support from former Labor MP Nova Peris, musician AB Original and Marcia Langton.

'Onus-Williams said she stood by her comments — which were a metaphor — and which were taken out of context. ... '

Read more at www.greenleft.org.au/content/invasion-day-tide-turning

Indigenous activists: ‘Australian nationalism is dangerous’

Lalitha Chelliah & Jacob Andrewartha
February 2, 2018

'On January 24, Victorian Liberal opposition leader Matthew Guy said “unpatriotic councils” that do not use January 26 to celebrate would be sacked.

'He was specifically threatening the Moreland, Darebin and Yarra councils, which have
shifted celebrations and citizenship ceremonies away from January 26.

'Meriki Onus, a Gunditjmara and Gunnai woman, a co-founder of the Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance (WAR), criticised Guy’s approach, telling Green Left Weekly Radio: “That is dictatorship. Those councils were elected and they made decisions to make political and social statements. To threaten them should be a concern for all of us.
We have to remove and abolish anything that represents Australian nationalism.”

Read more at www.greenleft.org.au/content/indigenous-activists-australian-nationalism-dangerous

A collection of broadcasts and articles feat Jan26:
AboriginalSovereigntyDay DayOfMourning InvasionDay SurvivalDay
Newsletter of 25 January 2018, the day before AboriginalSovereigntyDay

"There is no specific day that can be a true Australia Day"
'One of the founders of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Michael Anderson has suggested that there can never be a true Australia which people can celebrate as a nation.

'He suggests that those in leadership roles in Australia need to be honest about the past,
sovereignty issues need to be sorted out and break away from any British connections if any progress needs to be made.'

Radio interview at caama.com.au/news/2018/michael-anderson-there-is-no-specific-one-day-that-can-be-a-truly-australia-day

Amnesty International's Tammy Solonec -
"It’s hard for Aboriginal organisations to have a say about Australia Day”
'It is hard for government funded Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander organisations to speak out on the issue.'

Radio interv iew: caama.com.au/news/2018/amnesty-internationals-tammy-solonec-its-hard-for-aboriginal-organisations-to-have-a-say-about-australia-day

To Celebrate Australia Day Is To Celebrate Violence
Opinion: 'The past affects the present, and unless there is change, it will affect our future'

"January 26 for us is about putting up with white man's law"
'Arrente woman Pat Ansell Dodds says that January 26th in Australia will always be a day of mourning for Aboriginal Australians, and that it should be changed as soon as possible'

Radio inbterview at caama.com.au/news/2018/pat-ansell-dodds-january-26-for-us-is-about-putting-up-with-white-mans-law

26thJan2018 Events | AboriginalSovereigntyDay InvasionDay DayOfMourning SurvivalDay
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GreenLeft: www.greenleft.org.au/content/invasion-day-events-around-australia
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