The fraud of USA and the significance of my work

This post consists of two parts and was previously deleted by fbi:

Part One:
The fraud that is USA

When a man awakens to discover that his government is ruled by psychopaths, murderers and insane maniacs, then his response defines him and becomes his legacy.

The lowest form of human being ever to live on earth now rules the United States of America. The government is so completely corrupted by the thugs in power that the general population is programmed to accept rampid government crimes and is become habituated to atrocities committed by that same government.

Law does not truly exist, except when convenient for the assassins in government, such as we see in the ranks of fbi, doj, police, courts and in Congress.

The facade of law and order obscures the underlying evil of the USA by which all people and institutions pay homage to the criminals in all USA's governmental bodies tripartite .

Upon discovering the awful fraud that is the United States of America, many men face a dilemma:

Our job as intelligent people is to stand in opposition to this murderous tyranny every minute of our lives. Most people fail in this basic duty to society.

Part Two:

This post serves as a reminder of the importance of my lifetime of work and service to the former USA.

GERAL SOSBEE, 1963, Woodrow Wilson High School, Dallas Texas.

At the time of this photo, I was preparing to extinguish the unimpeachability of this nation's most corrupt and powerful police agency, the fbi. I have succeeded in opening the door, closed for 100 years, to clean out and remove the filth, inhumanity and murderous depravity of J. Edgar Hoover's demonic offspring. The fbi will never again be able to claim "fidelity, brvery, integrity" as its slogan because I have proven that they are in fact traitors, cowards and assassins.


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