Fib are the living dead

This report was previously * deleted by fbi.


The Modern Day Living Dead Phenomenon:

The living dead *(LD) are not those of us targeted for torture and premature death, though many of us may be wounded from assaults by DEW/ELF/PSYOPS.

ON the contrary,  we are defending against  the enemies of Mankind who are the living dead. We, the Alive Targets, are in battle for our lives (and perhaps yours) against the most heinous people ever to claim membership in the human race.

The *LD among us are those individuals & their vigilante friends in the general population (stalkers, perpetrators and sociopaths) who seek out others for torture, imprisonment, psyops , and death.

Often the fbi and associates                  (including federal magistrate judges and cops)spearhead the unconscionable attacks on our friends for sport, or for some nefarious purpose.

For specific examples of the LD among us see my reports online regarding:

Senator John Cornyn (aka,big bad John)
Fbi Schwein, USPI KNIPFING,  Texas DPS RODRIGUEZ,  UT cops Bleier and Wilson,  Brownsville detective Posada, Army Intel Officer Wolf,  cop Cruz, and dozens of private citizens (including doctors, dentists and lawyers) whom I identify directly or by reference in my posts, papers, articles, documentaries, WRIT, etc.

No doubt my friends & associates have similarly identified LD who are assaulting them globally.

The corruption that led to the formation of the LD society at large can best be described today as a mental disease or virus which can only be cured by transparency. Thus, this report issues from one targeted for unspeakable crimes by the LD.

Additional reading on topic:
Upstanding citizens are often members of the LD community:

Thank you to all of my fellow combatants against the LD.


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