"There is no specific day that can be a true Australia Day"

One of the founders of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Michael Anderson has suggested that there can never be a true Australia which people can celebrate as a nation. Sovereignty issues need to be sorted out and break away from any British connections.

'One of the founders of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Michael Anderson has suggested that there can never be a true Australia which people can celebrate as a nation.

'He suggests that those in leadership roles in Australia need to be honest about the past,
sovereignty issues need to be sorted out and break away from any British connections if any progress needs to be made.'


January 26 To Mark Launch Of National Broadcast Of ‘The Original 100: Always Was, Always Will Be’

'One of the nation’s largest Aboriginal community radio stations will unveil ‘The Original 100’ on January 26, a compilation of the most prominent songs of Indigenous people.

'The Original 100 will be broadcast by the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association (BIMA), the home of Brisbane’s most popular country music station, 98.9fm.. It will also be made available to more than 120 Aboriginal community stations across the nation, via the National Indigenous Radio Service (NIRS)

'This is the inaugural year of The Original 100. It’s timed to mark 26 January, and in response to the recent decision by ABC Radio’s Triple J to move it’s ‘Hottest 100’ to January 27 following feedback from their audience.'


‘We don’t leave the house on Invasion Day’: a gay Aboriginal man on LGBTI silence

"When they realised I was both gay and Aboriginal, I was praised because I was 'one of those good Abos' and one of those gays who 'doesn't need to make it a big show'"'


Amnesty International's Tammy Solonec -
"It’s hard for Aboriginal organisations to have a say about Australia Day”

'it is hard for government funded Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander organisations to speak out on the issue.'


To Celebrate Australia Day Is To Celebrate Violence

Opinion: 'The past affects the present, and unless there is change, it will affect our future' Amy McQuire


Massacres and protest:

Australia Day's undeniable history

'The 26 January debate started with Indigenous people wanting the brutal past acknowledged'


How We Came To Realise The Hypocrisy Of Australia Day

'This week Junkee is publishing a series, produced by young Australian writers, called “This Is Why I Don’t Celebrate Australia Day”.'


"January 26 for us is about putting up with white man's law"

'Arrente woman Pat Ansell Dodds* says that January 26th in Australia will always be a day of mourning for Aboriginal Australians, and that it should be changed as soon as possible'


BuzzFeed launches ‘What They Don’t Teach You’ documentary series ahead of Australia Day

'In the documentary series, indigenous affairs reporter Amy McQuire documents the past, present and future of Aboriginal Australia and looks at the pain and grief relating to Australia Day’s origins and how Australians can heal the wounds of the past.'


'He's an idiot': Abbott's First Fleet 'good' for Aboriginal people comment met with outrage

'Indigenous pastor Ray Minniecon has slammed Tony Abbott, calling him 'an idiot' who doesn't understand Aboriginal people'


6 ways to stand in solidarity

'26 January is not a day of celebration for many Australians, particularly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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