Capitalism fails and sinks

Since 1977 capitalists knew system was perishing. After 2008 it went down a cliff, growth inexistent, our earth collapsing. Ten years later destruction everywhere; prediction of exhaustion of planet for 2055. Why? Greed of a few. Let's change this

Capitalism fails and sinks

Fernando García Izquierdo

Decline and fall.
About ten years ago, the system of society we know as capitalism collapsed and the ruin, the blood and suffering, the destructive effect of the crisis, the tragedy in a word, is not oly still there, but the ruin has now become ostensibly worse. With all certainty capitalism will never stand upright again.
The inhabitants of the countries of the Free World are evidently far worse off now than the second part of the twentieth century. As for the so-called Third World, we have so much intensified our attack upon them (Afghanistan, Irak, Syria, Libya…) that, now, legalised state-murder and terrorism are the order of the day, our daily companions: there is no longer any international law; or, if you prefer, in our world peace is non-existent, order is a masquerade turning into
social injustice and urban guerilla, perfectly well organised attacks against the police, in working-class districts, in reprisal for veiled attacks by the State on the indigent, in a word the proletariat.
It has become quite clear, to me, that today there is no solution to this and many even worse problems, such as generalised unemployment and poverty in the very heart of the nation. The only answer the State has to offer is; the “no hay dinero” of Mariano Rajoy, i.e., that is Constant Diminishing of Previous Public Expenses, Budgeting, and Social Progess.

Before going any further let me say, in case the reader thinks I exaggerate, that because I am forced to say a lot in just a few pages, I must emphasise (or, say practically nothing.) That is all.
Besides, what does any capitalist-imperialist State do? Outright lying as a matter of fact, when not producing insideous propaganda.
It you get to that, I ask, is it not generally recognised by all rational beings that there is (say) terrorism and antiterrorism, when you carefully consider things? Why does our media not speak of the abundant State Terrorism, which nobody denies?
Question: What do they think the “state” was constituted for? Answer: For a minority class to dominate and exploit the other.
Where then is the exaggeration?

The State.
When the city-states first appeared in Ancient Greece, the new social organisation did away with ancient ones. The state’s purpose was a new administration of human society, which would in the end lead to organisation or administration of things and persons under the authority of an elite of owners. These would eventually accumulate wealth in their own hands, and the State would supply a police, army, and the church would form part of the set.
These aristocrats needed the people, evidently wanted slaves, serfs, farmhands, factoryhands, servants.

In consideration of the work supplied by the people (work being the wealth of nations), those that took all the power in their hands i.e. the State, offered (inter alia) the supply of civil services to the masses.
What do our governing “deciders” mean when they say that there will not be free hospitals, free universities, schools, etc., because “no hay dinero”? And at the same time, they daily come before the media announcing that, because our precious financial ‘counting houses’ find it difficult to maximise their profits and some banks have their coffers bare, the workers’ children have to go hungry since the first thing to do under the system is “refurbishing the banks.”

And we believe all the rubbish they tell us.

I shall say unambiguiously that, to me, all those men and women we see as the deciders are the very image of the havoc they create, a clear indication, the very representation of the regime, capitalism-imperialism.
They will tell you of course that they are “les élus du peuple,” that “this is a democracy and all that. A big lie.

Perhaps my pessimism merits an explanation.
Again the reader may think that I am exaggerating, and as I am calling our Free World absolute chaos, certainly I am emphasising things: I shall then add that what I really mean to say is that the world is in the hands of some (hidden) forces that are certainly leading our world and the entire planet into ruin. This coming ruin is evident with every step taken by capitalism nowadays: the imperialist wars which are still ravaging, say, all the Middle East and other poor and excolonial parts of the world are not finishing: “los pobres the la tierra”, we have “decided”, must still withstand our attacks “ad infinitum”.
Just to cite one or two examples of over a thousand crimes, when America attacked Afghanistan (and killed in passing President Najibullah), and afterwards America (to grab Petrol-Oil) invaded three times once prosperous Irak, an act that caused the beginning of that country’s ruin. For was not Irak now ruined because our capitalist-imperialist regimes think of nothing but maximising profits?
To beat it all, when criminal Britain and France decided (with Washington’s power of attorney) to invade two sovereign countries, Syria and Libya, breaking all existing international laws, causing year after year devastation, death and suffering, where is the victim and where are the culprits?

We now think that the migrants come to rob us?
It suffices for the deciders of our said freeworld now to say (concerning the September 2008 crisis) daily through our media that we have overcome the crisis, that there is growth, for everybody to repeat like parrots that capitalism is good, just as in reality has been said ever after the war: Capitalism may be bad – used to say Churchill and thousands like him, but it is one hundred times better than all the other possible systems
And not only that! Our deciders are more clearly showing everyday what they think and what they are going to do. Old Spanish Dictator General Franco was not so hypocritical. I am convinced that the leaders of capitalism-imperialism are following no better policy. That is to say, Capitalism-imperialism is happy to be accompanied in many European States, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Ireland by… fascism in a modern form.

About that blow that came about in 2008.
Regarding the crisis that developed from September 2008 to December 2009, more or less, I still remember many of the details, what actually happened almost day by day; for I wrote an article (end Nov. 2008) entitled “Decline and Fall of Capitalism”. The crisis was announced by the powers-that-be’s media as certain malfunctioning in a bank or other. Somehow we all learned that millions or billions (perhaps trillions) of US dollars had been lost: it was said that this was due to a money-making joint in New York having gone bankrupt.
Immediately afterwards, all the sycophants of the Free World, Nobel Prize included, started a world campaign to confuse the public. Concretely it was said that the troublesome joint was called Lehmann Bros, but that the crisis was minor (or in any case not what it really was.) Day and night the wisemen of the regime worked hard to make the sleeping public believe that one of the many operations engaged in daily in the realm of capitalism failed, but that that was a minor accident. That those billions were lost, was the only the consequence of some investment going wrong.
Even a school child of eight could understand this. If a financial joint loses billions, it must have done some wrong operation or operations: what one ought to ask is, why? And the correct answer is, “brigandage”. Criminals who are trying to maximise profits condemn millions to poverty.
Vulgar economists writing articles, essays and books on the same subject over and over again, instead of telling this simple truth, tell us the story of “The Lehmann Brothers’ Crisis”.
Slogans and papers about subprime mortgages, etc., whose purpose is to confuse is pure pantomine; this is real life; this is industry, economy, production, work, social progress.

The Lehmann what?

For years the French called this fall of Capitalism just “la crise de Lehmann Bros”. I guess it was the same in all the coteries of all the other imperialist capitals of thr world.

Crises there have been many under Capitalistim, ever since its inception. At school and university you are taught about the CYCLES, we all know, there will always be crises. You cannot escape them under thr system. That is to say, unavoidably things will always alawys operate that way among us: the economy under the system of CAPITAL must periodically collapse and go to ruin.
There was a time, say three centuries ago, when the rich passed from being landowners (in a given country), owning great extensions of territory, when all work was mainly effected by farmhands oftten in conditions of servitude, working the land twelve hours a day (the seventh day belonged to religion, the Day of the Lord.)

In a word, feudalism: a system of society; like capitalism now, and like the system of slavery that fue, back in antiquity.
With the system that followed feudalism, then, our capitalism, it happen that it developped simultaneously with the industrial revolution, which started in England about the end of the eighteenth century. In general terms we can say that the rich ceased being slavemasters or feudal ‘seigneurs’. They became capitalists, and it was money, not productive land, the actual manifestation of their WEALTH.
The landowners, gentlefolks, nobles, whatever you want to call them, the rich in a word owned everything… and where entitled to exploit their fortune. If you read Adam Smith (1723- 1790) appeared that it was settled, the rich entitled (as today) to maximise their gains (now mainly through industry. For that purpose they employed their freedmen as labour power, under the law of the land. The English being good lawyers, they showed this relationship of capital and labour under the common law, and called it a working contract. The wealthy and the pauper. They spoke of liberty, freedom of choice and justice. LIES. The reality was terrible conditions of employment, working in mines, factories, workshops, mills, etc. the free English nation (the lawyers invented this expression) never existed. The rich and the poor did not belong to the same category of humans. In Adam Smith you see this clearly: each class got its due, the workers their wages, the employers their profits. He tells us that every worker ought to get enough to feed himself and his family and produce (he and his wife) enough children for the Crown to have sufficient amount of soldiers and sailors, and the capitalists factory hands for the better glory of Great Britain. THAT IS ALL THEIR DEMOCRACY.

The misfortune of overproduction.
Practically all the produce of industry (the MIRACLE OF PRODUCTION) goes into the pocket of the rich. The product is disposed of, sold, via commerce, and I repeat that the profit, to obtain gain, is the capitalist’s purpose in life. Now, imagine that there is nothing sure in life, nor in history. Sudden unexpected catastrophes occur every moment, everywhere. In a few words: wars, fires, shipwrecks, earthquakes … imagine.
The capitalist has not sold HIS product. Overproduction!!! And the solution, under the system, our REGIME, can only be one. To cease production. And the corollary: closing the factory, unemployment, misery, hunger, even death.

Few thought of explaining the tragedy of September 2008 any further.
It was so evident that capitalism-imperialism had received a great and (for me) fatal blow.
The presidents of the imperialist countries, such as the United States and France, Bush and Sarkozy, came out as the champions of the Regime, convening other Heads of States, etc. for a meeting in Washington, on December 15, 2008, where they hoped to save the situation. The president of the US senate, Nancy Pelosi, warned the participants at the conference that “the party is over”, meaning (I believe) that the lying of the so-called Free World could not continue, nor the robbing the ‘pobres de la tierra’.
Nicholas Sarkozy, the French president, came jumping to the front, saying that “il faut refonder le capitalisme”, by which he meant, I think, that the system
had to be changed. REFORM is the word that this sort of person uses in France.
Only, nothing was reformed, improved, made better. On the contrary, the reader may see for him/herself that in that country (or anywhere in the FREE WORLD, indeed) scarcely nothing has been improved since. In places where there were factories, employment, public services, culture…, all has disappeared. All those so called ‘banlieues’, the suburbs of the big towns and cities, where there was previously industry, cultural centres, popular sport, workingclass art and learning facilities, activities other than today’s drug trafficking and petty criminality, nothing is offered today for the nascent legions of indigent youth. Havoc and chaos. The police tremble with fear if they are sent there on some mission. They are attacked by the well-armed young men and women of the districts, which have been declared as “zones de non-droit”, places without law and order.

So, ‘la Dolce Vita’ and Back to the Monkeys.
Let me say a word about the country where I reside, how things are evolving here under the present set of scoundrels. These were democratically elected by the people. The hidden forces here control nearly every bit of consciousness still left. ‘Eh bien!’ a representation of these rogues comes almost every morning to France-Inter, the radio I listen to, announcing “reforms”, in a word lies, which sleeping men and women around hear or do not hear. Few bother much about things in present day France, a France where there was always political thought, philosophy, art, literature, science, culture. There was a “Siècle des Lumières”. Long ago this was the pilot and the guide of the world.
In Europe, around 1845 there were already communist revolutions.
The workers themselves, the dispossessed and pushed around, took in their hands the fight for a better life.
They were defeated by reaction; but the fight would continue. Long years of struggle, seeking class understanding, seeking union, Proletarians of the Whole World UNITE!!. They would necessarily win one day. Why? Because it cannot be otherwise. Do you really wish those predictions of our wisemen (Nobel Prize winners included) that the earth is dying, the biosphere finished by the year fifty, be fullfilled?

Let us follow the example of Revolutionary Cuba.

“COMUNISMO O MUERTE”, I read in the street of Cuba, when I was there, with my wife in 1994. They won. There are others. Vietnam is one of them.
The monsters who persecuted them (and persecute them still) who are all elements like Mister Trump (no originality in the present president) were above all greedy ogres: they had swallowed a great chunk of the planet (the Popes already in the nineteenth century had invited the rich “to own not only the fruits of the earth but even the earth itself.”)
There have since been stooges, awarded with prizes by the devil, who taught mankind that those who accumulated all the money in their hands had the right to possess and maximise profits (I was an international lawyer and know what I am talking about.)

There has been resistance to the U.S. causing havoc.
And resistance to the fact that this havoc led to a lot of blood. After the second world war all the imperialists, under the protection of the great American Godfather, continued the tragedy of colonialism. The exploitation went on and intensified.
For instance, all those so-called British lands of Southern Asia belonging to Queen Victoria, proclaimed with pomp and ceremony “Great Empress of India”, became for a number of years, the antichamber of hell. Even the boy I was then, got to know about the millions of ‘natives’, perishing in the complicated entanglement of misery, religion and colonisation.
In fact, this happened through most of the remainder of the XXth Century. The same tragedy. The Powerful Invaders versus the Dispossessed Natives nearly everywhere. Everyone knows this. Just one more example. From time immemorial an extraordinarily large chunk of North Africa was occupied by the French and the French Army. It was called “les provinces Françaises.” The Algerians were called “les indigènes.” It took the true Algerians to fight a terrible liberation struggle to cease being slaves, from 1954 to 1975.

Then Capital won the battle in the process of production.
All through the twentieth century after the end of the war capitalist production was transformed, as one should expect of course, time keeps going on, nothing remains unchanged.
But this does not mean that Exploitation should be intensified. It did. With the increase of productivity, greater gains (PROFITS) went to the capitalists than the increase of workers’ wages.
All was programmed, from the beginning to the end in order that the working classes were kept under control. I saw it with my own eyes, all those years, called the “the forty glorious ones”.
The intention was to keep in the grip of the capitalists’ claws the wealth of our Free World plus of all the so-called underdeveloped world. The Bretton Woods conferences, with the creation of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, helped the rich imperialist countries, on the one hand to become richer, and on the other, as they said, to STOP THE ADVANCE OF COMMUNISM. Everybody was in debt, specially to Washington,
All this is so obvious to me, observing, analysing, asking my colleagues and superiors, but particularly asking myself questions. I did not even notice that I was little by little advancing towards my own isolation and professional ruin.
What was I to do?

Why did Imperialism decide to attack communism?
I remember that, already in the early thirties of the twentieth century (1933 was the key date), some Aristocrats in Britain rushed to examine the possibility of an alliance with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Movement of Germany, as soon as their movement won with popular acclaim the general elections. The U.K. then (not America) constituted the greatest imperialism in the whole world. I should not insist on this, but I shall, for I will not be able to develop my argument if I leave all the difficulties unresolved. And I have read newspaper reports, since the day when, visiting Berlinhaupstadt, I saw the castle of Spandau and learnt that Nazi General Rudolf Hess, favourite among the Führer´s nazis was imprisioned there. The communists would not liberate him. He was caught in the Highlands of Scotland treating with the British Aristocracy.

In the early thirties, the then King of the United Kingdom (Edward VIII) paid visits, in Berlin, to Chancellor Adolf Hitler, head of the nazi government, as is well known.

How can all this, and much more, be explained?

The Manifesto of the Communist Party, written by Marx and Engels in the middle of the nineteenth century, after the workers’ unsuccessful revolutions of 1844 and 1845, wrote:
“Communism is already acknowledged by all the European powers to be itself a Power.”
THAT IS THE REASON WHY. That is to say, the fact that in Europe, in the middle of the nineteenth century, Communism was ready to take over decadent capitalism-imperialism and become the NEW system of society, sent the Rich into panic.
The Manifesto starts with these words: “A spectre is haunting Europe - the spectre of Communism. All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre.” It goes on to list more or less all the satanic forces of the time that kept the peasant and working classes in slavery.
I call these satanic forces “the hidden forces of society”.
Needless to say, I don’t intend to name them, but if you look at Donald Trump and others like him, and try hard enough, you will soon discover who these forces are. Now, if you study modern history you will see what is the aim and purpose of these satanic forces.
Their PURPOSE is only one. To accumulate, maximise profits, exploit the masses, destroy the earth. Against THIS there is only one force consistently struggling, consistently seeking to humanise society. The system of society called communism is destined by history to replace capitalism.
For the time being it is the only system. To start thinking that groups that split the working classes and certainly cause their defeat is not only ridiculous, but RUINOUS.

The country where capitalism began.
If you have read William M. Thackeray, an Englishsman born in India, the son of a coloniser, therefore from a wealthy family who prospered by bribing the rich Indians and robbing the people, you will have also seen that the small proportion of English billionaires of the time celebrated almost nightly sumptuous dinners with three hundred guests, or more, in their mansions, dinners which were nightly followed by scandalously luminous balls, etc., where wealthy pretty girls (each one fantastically dressed and bejewelled, gentle young ladies who by the very act of their presence were being offered for sale to scions of other members of the aristocracy or of the high bourgeoisie, bankers, financiers and owners of factories, textile mills, etc.
I mention all this, mere details of history, some will say, because I think that our historians should perhaps write in their books more about this class-difference in our free-world countries and our treament of what I call in my beautiful mother tongue ‘los pobres de la tierra.’

About the first capitalism-imperialism.
This all started in England, i.e. the change from feudalism to capitalism, a great step in the history of humanity. And what did the English PEOPLE gain with it? Nothing.
Fredrich Engels, a well-to do German who lived and died in England wrote about the condition of the English working class. The picture was one of exploitation and misery at a time when the Crown (Queen Victoria’s Empire sang the song of Britannia Rules the Waves.)
There were many others who wrote same or similar things about how low and horrible were the living conditions of the people in the richest country of the world; novelists like Elizabeth Gaskell and Charles Dickens, for instance.
Late in life Dickens became what the Americans call an “investigative” reporter, that is to say, he went about England ‘investigating’ and not only on capitalist industrial exploitation. To be brief, I shall only refer to one of his investigations. He entered one evening (someone accompanied him) the cottage of a working family where one of the children is actually dying. Around the family darkness, cold, pollution and somewhat paradoxically silence, save for the coughs and moans of the greatest sufferer. There is only one room, no light but for the two logs in the fire place (a cauldron is hanging – the author tells us – full of water, with two potatoes and the head of a fish. The cottage, we have previously been told, is a brick cabin in a score of little black cabins in the lee of a monstrous dirty LEAD factory of frightening chimneys, black in the grey sky.
The only person in the cottage (of the dying child) who speaks with Dickens is the mother. She too is dying, or (let’s put this in a different way) one of the clever doctors of our days would predict, foretell that she would pass away in five months at the most. In the scene depicted, apparently she had come to the end of a short period of convalescence. And yet, this is what she tells him (I don’t remember the exact words.)
Yes, sir, the lead in the factory has had the better of me, but I’ll be goin’up there to the queue on Monday morning, “to be took on”.
But, what do you want, dear sir. I know I’m not well, but I prefer to work for nine shillings a week and buy some bread rather than seeing my children dying of hunger and not being able to buy bread.
And in the Crown’s Dominions the Sun never set.

On second thoughts.
Reading the above lines a second time I have come to think that I may be wrong in my assertions. Capitalism-imperialism is not hundred percent bad; I should be careful representing this our system. The lion is never so ferocious as he is represented. Besides, there is the question of style, elegance, the effort one has to make to please people, your own race, class, LOYALTY.
“Daddy!!” I hear my elder daughter utter, with some severity, tú qué te metes; si tú no ganas nada con ello.” (We often mix the two languages.)
That is correct, I gain nothing with my writing, and in fact I lose a lot. I have lost my ancient optimism, inter alia.
“Lo ves, Papá, “comes from the lips of the second one, who is a lawyer as I once was. “Left alone, un fracaso rotundo, solo, solo, solo!!!”
Quite true. Unpublished. Some hate me, some laugh at me. Not many, of course. Why should anyone worry. Indifference is enough.
THEY know it pains me greatly.
But it is not only that. I KNOW that capitalism also had its good points. Many. And possibly many advantages over communism. For many people it certainly has. And why should I not be fair with them too, fifty-fifty? Write one week to favour the right, which sure would pay me, give some awards; more than the left in the second week, that will continue to ignore me.


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