"Pernicious Blood Sucker of Sleeping Men"

In finance-plus-crime, maximising profits is the purpose, whitewashed beforehand, because Law is prefabricated to allow crimes. "Rascals, here is gold!" Here is money, here preferential banks, floating capital, criminal paradises by the thousand!!

“Pernicious blood sucker of sleeping men”

Fernando García Izquierdo

The title of this article is taken from one of the three tragedies William Shakespeare (1564-1616) wrote on the obstreperous life of the king of England “Henry VI”, who was born in 1421 and died in 1471.

Those years were terrible for the English people, years of constant war and poverty, due absolutely to the greed of the rich (there is no worse set of people than the English aristocracy.) This indecent set of aristocrats called the whole horrible period the War of the Roses.
It lasted many many years and Shakespeare refers to it in about half a dozen of his plays. These are some of the words he uses to give us impressions on the subject: “Cry havoc, kings! back to the stained fields! and then let confusion of one part confirm the other’s place, and till then blows, blood and death.”
He wrote many other works, as everybody knows, about what presumptuous Sir Winston Churchill called “blood, sweat and tears.” In that continuous tale of wars, death, devastation, horror (I am copying Shakespeare; using his very words.)

This is the cry of one of the kings, surrounded by his own set of aristocrats (“my cousins,” says the monarch): “We shall lay this fortifiied city even with the ground, then we shall fight to see who shall be king of it.” And this is their way of thinking, of all of them; and this is the way they’ve acted, all through history. Thay is why I am referring today to history to say that Paradise Papers was not a thing, some “effluvia” born yesterday. I was in the midst of one such paradise in 1970, and wrote (then) about it… and was blacklisted.

Horror that was. The same horror that the sublime English writer describes. That is why. It has much to do with dark accumulation of wealth on the one hand and poverty on the other. The horror of invasion too. Robbery and colonisation long ago. Invaders and colonisers of England in the Middle Ages.

All colonisers, warriors (in other words) who come and cause havoc anywhere where they go, are satanic people (you remember a man in the Middle East who called the United States of America in the seventies the ‘ Grand Satan’? Well, though generally I disagreed (and disagree) with that man and all his followers, it is true what he said in this instant. No person has the right to enter anybody eIse’s house or land for that matter and send him (her) packing, send an entire nation, like the Palestinians, packing. But let’s go back to the Norman invasion.

These particular invaders were a set of French-speaking warriors of Scandinavian origin called the Normans, who were jealous of the people inhabiting the island which we call England, which had the most fertile soil imaginable, the richest subsoil in the circumstances. Everybody knows this.
It was a country with plenty of rain, a very beautiful land in the sense of peace and colour, with plenty of coal and iron pointing to industry, for industrious people, a country with an easy terrain, for good road; the people could not be but industrious; a fairly good climate, nowhere were they far away from the coast, good fishing, women always ready to help their husbands, one can imagine; and more, for history shows that it was women who started (in the way of economics) the so-called cottage industry.

Now about History, and here we go back to Shakespeare. “A fairly blood issue,” he says. And here is where we join the words written hereinabove (the title of this article) with the ruin fabricated by humanity as we now know it via wisemen and wisewomen awarded with nobel prizes, etc. Equivalent to calling a King of England a “pernicious blood sucker” and the no less signifying statesmen, ‘oh you, stupid, stupid, stupid “sleeping men.”

Normandy! Those invading warriors came, as we have said, from the Continent, the Normandy coast. In those not-so-wealthy times the enterprising invaders-to-be, in order to form the invading armada, had to suspend the serious labouring of the nation to prepare a most horrifying army: all this in order to go and pinch a fertile land from other people, the Anglos and Saxons, who had pinched it first (before the Norman annexation) themselves from the Britons or Celts, etc., etc.

Had I been writing this article in my beautiful mother-tongue , which Franco’s fascism made impossible (for I preferred to lleave) I would have ended the paragraph with the following sentence: “ Guerras, guerras, guerras… El cuento de nunca acabar”. A never-ending story… we humans will kill one another… and entirely obliterate the planet, one day.

Anyhow, the Normans invaded the most fertile lands of the Island because they wanted riches, they wanted to accumulate, maximise property in their dirty hands (the same indecent aim as is found in indecent elements like Trump and so many others, perhaps in all of us; we all during all our life want to accumulate riches most probably: our institutions point at that. To accumulate capital. The universities, the Schools of Economics point at that.

I don’t know if I am deviating from my subject, but I am trying to show that the invaders of the tenth, the eleventh, and the twelfth centuries were, of course, not looking for stock-exchanges and shares, but certainly for ways of maximising profits, accumulation. What they wanted was land, all the land they could get, with some serfs.

Fertile land. Agriculture. Innovation, too. But today we have destroyed the earth. Artificial intelligence is the thing. And lamentation. Back to religion. Humanity? Pernicious bloodsuckers of sleeping humans.

In both cases, then, we see destruction, greed, accumulation and misery; capitalism, imperialism, and crime, crime, crime… If you look carefully, you will see that Shakespeare already foresaw all this. Sometimes I come to think that he already foresaw today’s crime which I resume in a phrase, Costa del Sol which is also called “La costa del crimen!”

Historians can see ‘in their learned researches whatever they may like, but a crime is a crime; and when a writer who has lived and seen much, once returned to his fatherland after many years of sentimental travelling abroad and saw our way of life he had experienced anew, what our economists called progress and ordinary people called “La costa del sol,” and reality a “Coast of Crime”, had been ex-professo fabricated, he felt a sense of despair.

At university, in the School of Economics, I remember to have read, in a collection of letters written by Marx or Engels (I don’t remember who) recommending an English militant worker that, if he wanted to learn about his own country (during this period) he had better read Shakespeare rather than professional historians, and it was a good piece of advice. Marx and Engels were not paid sycophants.

Not an individual hero or a powerful class; but mankind, ‘l’humanité toute entière’ is the subject of history, and in order for us to be one day wholly rational, we must today come out of the ignorance in which we are, the ignorance in which the tenor of imperialism would like to keep us.

Awake humans! Awake! Don’t be in a permanent state of lethargy allowing the rich to suck your blood, because you are asleep. In other words, don’t fall into the trap. Men and women, don’t fall asleep absorbing their intoxication-notions. Study, see, read, learn, demand, and participate. Man was born free, and everywhere he is in chains. To be human means to be rational, conscient, true. How come someone or some class (by defintion) deprive us, the masses, of our freedom, our reason… our right to exist… humankind, our planet.

The division of humans into classes: as you used to say in the English language “the betters,” when you are rich, and the “hands”, when you are workers and poor is the result of constant Goebbles-style propaganda by our capitalists, imperialists, the bloodsuckers who send the people to sleep. The multitude of indigents addressing themselves to their superior humans. Don’t be dazzled by their appearance (looks) of greatness, pomp, glory, ceremony and splendour… of those trumps and macrons, etc.

Don’t let yourself be taken for a ride; if they send you to sleep, they will suck your blood. They will constantly tell you stories about Stalin-the criminal, and all the lies again about Santa Teresa de Avila and Sainte Bernardette de Lourdes and Richard the Lion-Heart. He was the brother of ‘King John’ the main character of Shakespeare’s first play on the War of the Roses. He was a French-speaking Norman called in reality Jean Sans Terre.

Richard the Lion-Heart was the Norman King who went marauding to the so-called Holy Land and died quarrelling with his cousins. Then the question was if Jean Sans Terre would follow him, after he murdered his nephew Arthur.

As for King John, he was jealous of all the other aristocratics of his set. He wanted the land, all in his hands, exactly as todays accumulators want shares, capital, all the banks in their hands, because the land is becoming “barataria”, worthless as time goes on. Science is destroying it, research, technology, patents, innovation, GREED.

To introduce a change, another system of society, is to me selfevident.

This is why, when we hear today’s password, “Paradise Papers now”, which interests many people today, the reader may think that it is a different story, but it is not. Today, in our Free World, the sycophants (like in ancient times) are telling us that our sovereigns can do no wrong, that millions and millions have been floated away, millions and millions belonging to the queen, but that it does not matter. It is our constitutional law, Elizabeth II Regina can do no wrong.

Moreover, the lawyers have made the law so that roguish capitalists can act WITHIN the law. “There is no suggestion of any wrongdoing.” (‘The Economist’ pointed out last week.) How come? No maximising? No fraud? No crime? God save the Queen!

And in the meantime the people, the masses suffer, suffer everywhere, suffer because there are in this perishing planet two or three hundred men and women who own more land, more money, more capital, more HIDDEN capital in more island paradises than two or three billion proletarians. Oh, scoundrels!

Let me finish this article adding something about the LAW which used to be my speciality, the only art that gave some money. MONEY THE BIAS OF THE WORLD. I am only paraphrasing William Shakespeare. He uses these words: “commodity, merchandising, the great horror of this civilisation”.



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