Fbi mocks life threatening injury, III


This report is repeatedly hacked and deleted by fbi assassins.

Nov. 30- Dec.1, 2017. Diary Entry:

Fbi monitors my visit to doctor concerning heart condition caused or provoked by DEW & ELF, causing prolonged sleep deprivation.

Time now is 3AM, and fbi makes sleep impossible by increasing assaults with ELF.

Earlier in the night, around midnight, the fbi followed me around the Wall Mart store and the fbi operative stands by me, stops when I stop and uses his right hand to continuously tap lightly over his left chest at the location of the heart.

My doctor advised me earlier yesterday that a heart attack or stroke may be imminent.

So, this post reminds the reader of the extreme and pure evil of fbi's gaslighting operations which make fun of the life threatening injuries inflicted on me by fbi for 40 years. The fbi represents the USA as sadistic fiends, psychopaths and human monsters.


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