Fbi is a global threat


This report reveals the desperate attempts by fbi to discredit me and to hide their unspeakable crimes.

A Global Threat: fbi

The fbi thugs, half wits and cowards are desperate now in response to my documentaries on fbi threats against all the people of the world.  The fbi's own cyber criminals stretch their dirty little fingers around the globe in many languages  in frantic efforts to head off global repulsion at USA for permitting fbi/cia cutthroats  to take over control of this regime and to thereby threaten mankind.

Vicious 'Ad Hominem ' attack on me:

The following libelous message in Chinese is posted at BAIDU by fbi and is translated below:

" 互联网就是滋生阴谋论的温床,有些仅仅是引人注目,而有些却是走火入魔。这就是Geral W. Sosbee和他的“FBI和CIA都是恐怖分子”的网页。看起来似乎设计这个网页的人是一个精神病患者。阅读一下这个网页你就会明白这是怎么回事了。

The Internet is a hotbed of conspiracy theories, some simply compelling, while others are overwhelming. This is where Geral W. Sosbee and his "FBI and CIA are terrorists" page. The person who seems to be designing this page is a mentally ill person. Read this page and you will understand what's going on."



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