I work against fbi assassins in support of human rights


The record and history show that I work for civil and human rights against the torturers & assassins of fbi.

History Documents My Labors In Defense of Civil & Human Rights.

42 years ago I persevered in a complex civil rights case in which the fbi relied on me for vital interviews.

That case involved Chicago PD brutality against a non English speaking Immigrant. See:


Today, the fbi discovers that my resolve to address gross injustices, murderous abuses and crimes against humanity continue with even greater intensity and boundless devotion to the task than ever.

Like many of my associates here I work tirelessly in body, mind and soul to show the world exactly the unspeakable horrors perpetrated by the fbi's own human monsters who once recognized me as an exceptional, out of the usual mold, Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I was the last of a disappearing breed of fbi employees.

The fbi criminals today are very worried that by nature my vehement emotions against fbi and my intellectual abilities serve the people in uncompromising favor and support of civil & human rights.


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