Letter to editor saying commemoration should be 11/11, not ANZAC day

Armistice Day marks the end of WW1. Even so, the parties to the treat are not absolved from the crime of starting the war. And NZ should not be using that colonial war as a source of nationhood.

The Editor
The Dominion Post
10 November, 2017

Dear Editor:

The 11th of November is a better day to commemorate the casualties of WW I than ANZAC day; the armistice to end the war was signed on that day in 1918. Not that the European empires which signed the peace treaty were exonerated for the crime of starting the war. Nor does it show that sending troops to a colonial war in Europe was wise in the end; that was not a moral way to come to a sense of nationhood.

The ramifications of WW I carried through the 20th century and maybe even the worst of it carried into the present day by influences on wars of aggression in the Middle East such as the invasion of Iraq, showing that the lessons needing to be learned were not. We still have a ways to go in a world of nuclear weapons and climate disruption to achieve a mentality leading to a society which will be survivable or sustainable.

Richard Keller
13 Endeavour St.
Wellington 6022


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