Fbi as MAFIA


The fbi is proud of its tough image, but such arrogance does not comport with civilized society.

Servants of fbi are everywhere

Fbi enjoys & profits by its image as tough guy, the meanest, dirtiest and most deadly thugs on earth. This way, everyone fears fbi and wants to stay in good graces with the fbi hoodlums.


Now this may serve the MAFIA culture, but in an enlightened society not so much. As I have documented, the fbi as MAFIA converts the public and the sycophantic media into fearful little servants and criminals. For the types of crimes committed by fbi 24/7/365 see my sworn affidavits 2007 & 2014 online. In brief the fbi as MAFIA continues the following crimes which their servants do not want to admit:

Fbi/cia murdered raped tortured blackmailed pillaged persecuted & fraudulently prosecuted, stolen, burglarized, sacrificed, rampaged terrorized, swindled exploited, libeled, committed mayhem & assorted atrocities and crimes against humanity, plus forced suicide.

Thank you and take no pride in what you have become if you are a servant of fbi/MAFIA. You have become a Jackass.


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