We are in America's darkest hour.


I am an optimist by nature and have always accepted the notion that hope springs eternal.
While I wish our friends the best of luck in efforts to take the human monsters of fbi and company to court, or to appeal to Congress for help, kindly note these observations which are born of my own personal experiences:

The fbi & cia are the equivalent of a sovereign State terrorist running amok in deadly clandestine operations globally.

With humility for years I asked multiple members of Congress for help, but all requests were denied by insulting non responses. So, Congress facilitated the global juggernaut of fbi/cia attacks on people everywhere, including on this veteran who fought for this nation on the battlefield.

I also struggled for years in pain and alone as an officer of the court to reach SCOTUS for a fair hearing which was denied.

So, the courts who arm these 'torture & kill' operatives with secret, unlawful process, are integral to the crime spree underway which is unconscionable and indefensible.

So, in effect the psychopathic and homicidal criminals in government at all levels treat us, the innocent minority, as escaping fugitives.

Finally, with eyes open I understand that this Age of Madness is (from the perspective of the sovereign state executioner in this regime) a required development in human evolutionary process.
After all, failure to control the universe and the minds of men & women is not an option.

I wish all of our associates success in their campaigns against murderous tyrants. For me though, regarding many such valient efforts this cliche applies: been there done that. We are in America's darkest hour.

Thank you.


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