The Fraud of the Millennium


This report reveals the shocking truth about fbi's destruction of USA.

The Fraud of the Millennium

In this rare circumstance a Target of a fraudulent fbi vendetta and unending attempted & failed stings turns the table on the corrupt fbi and their police associates.

I have proven that the fbi are torturers and assassins of innocent persons and that no one in government can stop the fbi crime spree which is unprecedented in human affairs.

I have also established that the fbi uses all other police agencies of government tripartite to threaten and attempt to kill this Target. See my reports on USPI KNIPFING & Texas DPS RODRIGUEZ , University of Texas police Bleier and Wilson, Brownsville Texas defective detective Posada, et al.

Meanwhile the fbi continues uninterrupted for at least 30 years a string of felonies against this Target as authorized by federal magistrate judges.

Now, listen carefully: the evidence that I have presented for 17 years online fully establishes that the regime here that calls itself the United States of America is a criminal syndicate with global alliances with other like minded nations who collectively seek control of the universe and over the minds of men.

All of our fellow human beings locked up, killed or pursued by fbi, police, Interpol, etc., are innocent as they are all pursued by murderous fbi/MAFIA within a complex maze of socio-economic standards that by design require the torture, imprisonment and killing of an increasingly large percentage of the population.

The irony of our era is that the most gruesome perpetrators of heinous crimes against us are the fbi assassins who also control the media and who presume to *predict future criminals, even as the fbi uses high technology to drive men crazy, or to direct the conduct of people by neuronal influence weaponry.

We thus live in the most dangerous time ever for our species because the most hideous and evil people among us govern us.


May Providence provide aid, comfort and blessings to all individuals on earth who are caught in modern police/Fbi kill programs and to all Targets everywhere who are attacked by DEW/ELF and other advanced weaponry; and may God Bless all who are stalked, assaulted, insulted, maligned and destroyed by fbi and their gang stalker program. Such criminals and their judges on the federal judiciary are the lowest form of human beings ever to call earth their home.


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