A Reckoning From The Heavens


This report anticipates the coming response from people everywhere upon discovering the depths of fbi evil deeds.

Reckoning From The Heavens

Just below the surface of society, out of sight to most people, are the most devilish criminals ever to walk on God's green earth: the fbi's own assassins, operatives , torturers and stalkers.

These dangerous reprobates are busy destroying lives and murdering our fellow citizens with the authority of truly insane and homicidal judges.

The controlled media cannot ever be forgiven for their complicity in fbi's unspeakable atrocities which are now attributable to media chiefs who serve as accessories to the fiendish felonies ongoing subsurface.

As the victims of fbi human monsters reach out in agony to tell the world exactly what is happening, the responsive gasp in horror is heard for a thousand years around the globe.

The perpetrators of such heinous offenses and all fbi serial killers cannot for long hide their dark, evil methods which are beyond the pale of human depravity and which define our time as the age of madness.

All the exotic weaponry (including DEW/ELF) hidden in deep space and based here on earth are exposed as creations of the most vile and wicked men in the universe.

These are truly the times that try the souls of good men and women.



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