Homage to all the different people of Hispania

Havoc and turmoil are descending upon Spain. People in Catalonia are demanding quite peacefully independence, which Madrid won't grant. "But! We want to be alone, to own our own State," is the reply. Alone! Is it racism, or wealth accumulation wish?

Homage to all the different peoples of Hispania

Fernando García Izquierdo

Part One.
Needless to say Rajoy is a fascist, as have been all his predessors in the party he leads, and as are the majority of the leaders in all the countries of the so-called free world; of course, in Spain, the legislature has been filled, by the powers-that-be, with fascist elements through-and-through and I would go on saying that it is almost the same with the judiciary. In their private celebrations they drink champagne or cava wine and cry ¡¡ARRIBA ESPAÑA!!

BUT that is not what concerns us today. The people of Spain will deal with that in due course. We must all (each one of us in his or her province, sphere, capacity END WITH CAPITALISM, or our world will cease to be worth a penny very soon.

As a person who has lived in Barcelona I know among other things (talking now of Catalan industrialists) that the race of capitalists there is almost a hundred percent bad. There is no more hungry mouth than that of a Catalan capitalist. Carles Puigdemont is one of them. And now that man is in Belgium, or Romania, or Moldovia; it is for the “Catalanists” in Catalonia to continue the comedy which may end in tragedy. When I was in New York a senior partner of the firm, who knew me well, used to say that I was “the most unhispanish Spaniard” he’d ever met. I mention this not because I like to talk about myself, which I certainly do, quite often, but because, having been born in Spain, I have never cultivated patriotism, in my eighty-odd years of existence.
‘Pero ¡ay dios mío!, how very wrong are the Catalanists!
Don’t I now walk through the streets in Paris and see all kinds of people sauntering along, all sorts of beautiful or ugly faces, all French citizens, or residents like I am? Do not all of us belong to the same human race? Is not that, precisely, UNION, UNION, UNION, that can save mankind and preserve our earth, this little stellar body lost here, somewhere in the infinitude of Matter?
Are we all humans going to see and withstand the HORROR of all the European continent, from east to west, from north to south repeating Helmut Kohl’s well-staged drama entitled “Let’s Destroy Yugoslavia” with twenty or more little characters, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosavo, Macedonia, Serbia… and now Catalonia, Euskady, Galicia, Valencia, ‘Andalucia para los moros y el corán’, and Brittany, Wales, Scotland and as we said in the Castilian language ‘cuento de nunca acabar’ (the neverending real-life-story)?

What sort of madness can induce Barcelona to go to war against Madrid on these catalanists’ basis?

Of course I know that SPANISH FASCISM has exercised upon Barcelona and Catalonia, almost continually an unbearable kind of oppression (one specific form I try to describe in ‘Part three’ of this article hereinbelow). But separatism is not the way to fight this injustice. Quite the contrary!!!

Part two,

Catalonia is today in great turmoil!! A legitimate, legally constituted region of Spain, in which country there are about a dozen such regions. People in Catalonia (and other provinces) demand that their region be granted independence as a new nation in the concert of the European Union, the United Nations Organization and other international and interregional bodies.

Whether this means that all the people inhabiting the region reject the union within Spain, the ancient Hispania to which all the Peninsula belonged, or simply a majority or just a portion more or less numerous is to be determined. For the moment under constitutional and international laws this is an autonomous region, I repeat, a constituant part of a larger legitimate entity which is called Spain.

There is in any case in the region (and has always been) a certain resentment, the feeling of being oppressed by an external force and, more particularly, of being forced to mix with elements (in the peninsula) inherently alien to themselves; of having to share something which intrinsically belongs only to them with different races or peoples (who, let me say in passing, live legitimately in Catalunya) whose ancestors happen to have been born in other parts of Spain.

Life and revolution. I have always been of the opinion that there is only one sort of freedom worth fighting for, and it is this. Considering that all human beings, by definition (or they are endowed with REASON), are born free, and that everywhere they are in chains, the cry must be one for life and revolution, change, liberation.
Let’s break the chains which enslave us so that we may transform the system of society everywhere. Let us make the change. The cry must be: We all are human beings, all rational and free. EQUALITY.

Thus: “Let us unite and fight and fight until we have successfully destroyed the chains that subdue us.” Let us recover our quality of rational living beings, let us demolish the empire built by an evil elite to perpetuate exploitation, the system that has changed reason into fear, transforming the human race into millions of slaves.

More than three hundred years ago.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) “Man was born free; and everywhere he is in chains.”
What then has happened, we ask: “Reason”, the continuous development of Matter, since the beginning of Time, gave cause to the appearance of humanity on our planet: and it came to pass that the people (says Rousseau) were compelled to obey the orders of a few. And I say if there is a struggle upon which the workers must embark, it is the eradication of capitalism. Those that come out into the streets to walk the “Carrers” of Barcelona and other cities in candlelight demanding the crowning of Puigdemont, a big capitalist in his own right, as king of Independent Catalonya, do not know what they are doing.

A nation that has existed two thousand years.
We all want (need) to have, to defend, to fight for something whose origin is very ancient. It is the very essence of nobility. As a person, an individual I have already been on this little chunk of planet called the Earth many many years and I can ask myself a lot of questions that many cannot ask themselves.
When I first arrived here, in the early fifties (here, where I am spending the last years of my life), what did I look at, walking in the streets of Paris, of other towns and cities, and in villages, ‘la campagne française’? Men, women and children. I have always liked to observe people, people in movement, real life; I have for many years observed them, in many different places. And even do so today. This much I can tell the reader: unless we talk of all humans as ONE HUMAN RACE, if we use the term ‘race’ to separate, discriminate, superimpose a master race, to exploit and persecute… I swear that personally, walking in the streets of the town in which I live, today, looking at the faces of the citizens passing by, i.e. FRENCH PEOPLE… I am observing a nation with origins in Poland and/or Italy, Jews, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Portugal, Russia, Syria, Madagascar, and hundreds of other origins. And you may observe the same in Great Britain as well as in Germany and other places.
After this now general observation of the mingling of people, where does Catalanism stand? People in a region of Spain claiming to be INDEPENDENT.

Part three.
It is honourable and almost necessary (mandatory) to struggle against oppression, and thousands all over Spain have done so for many years. For close to four decades Spaniards have lived under the boot of fascism. I have written a one-thousand page book about this and will now leave it at that.
What I shall say is that claiming independence for what is at present an autonomous region of Spain is NOT fighting against oppression, it does not represent progess and it will not contribute to general happiness of the majority. Quite the contrary.
On the other hand, it is true there is oppression in Catalunya, there has always been. This oppression in the past begot much suffering and death. With the exception of Euskady and its people, Catalonia and its people have been continuously taken in as victims of fascism. The fascist repression against the Catalans demanding recognition and autonomy has always been known; but today, subjugation by the central power (the State) or of any other power or instrument external (alien) to the region, I believe is inexistent.
On the contrary, those I call ‘Catalanists’, as a rule, act against those they consider alien elements with such a (stupid) severity, at times, that they cause harm, quite often, to innocent people, whom they should have treated with more consideration. This is what I wrote about five years ago.
“… a lovely early-spring afternoon in Barcelona, a city that I know well, a multitude of young men and women full of life, and what is also wonderful, full of enthusiasm and desire to live as rational beings, people in peace with one another: chanting songs with never the slightest intention of causing any harm to anyone; or doing anything but peacefully declare their views of peace, and generosity towards those that suffer, as is usually the case with the youth of all countries at all times. The youth that the hidden powers that enslave us are constantly massacring, and constantly trying to hide the crime.
… I saw the young people of Barcelona marching, lifting their banners in the air, freely and decidedly proclaiming their views, their aspirations, love, hopes, desires. WORKERS AND STUDENTS UNITE; PEACE NOT WAR; SOCIALISM AND PROGRESS; END WITH EXPLOITATION; DOWN WITH THE CULPRITS.
… And then, as if an order had suddenly been issued from the underworld, towards the end of the long tree-lined avenue, there appeared two thick rows of robot-like ‘antidisturbios’ who, one would have said, had just been dropped from the air by army helicopters.
,,, A most terrifying vision, like a barrier of horrible statutes, twenty abreast, tall corpulent bodies dressed in those uniforms that seemed from afar the shiny dark armour of the Black Knights of past barbaric ages; and, on the avenue, the peaceful demonstration going on. “WE ARE NOT AFRAID”… of course we are!
… The place, the avenue, Barcelona… many young people marching quietly on one side, and on the other the forty or so ‘antidisturbios’ ready to charge. A sign was heard, coming from somewhere. Terrible represion descending on the country.
… With fear deep in their souls they sing: “We Are Not Afraid” and next moment infernal hell descends upon Barcelona; satan and the forty devils, brandishing their terrible modern weapons, lay the city’s youth bleeding on the ground. It is the work of greedy capitalisnm-imperialism, the champions of lusty blood.
Oh my God, merciful God! Can a sadder vision be imagined, a more evil, malevolous, savage composition? Are we descending to the level of the most ferocious beasts? Is that it?



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