The refugees on Manus say 'Enough is Enough'


It is the 99th day of peaceful protests on Manus, and the 9th day since Australia shut down the detention centre. The PNG government alleged that many of the refugees are being influenced to stay in the camp by others, below is a statement from Manus

The PNG Minister for Immigration said yesterday that some people here act as leaders to influence the others and stop them from moving to East Lorengau.

We made a video to show he is just trying to make excuses in the media.

Of course, all his words yesterday were just like ABF telling him. (ABF - Australian Border Force)

  • Some people moved outside and we didn't tell them anything ...
    There's no leaders here.

  • We are just here coz we need a solution for our situation.

  • We didn't ask the Australian government to build another detention centre for us ...Seeking asylum is not a Crime.

  • We haven't committed any crime to put us in prison for four years and half. Yet still they want us to move to another detention centre after all the suffering and torture here.

  • We were brought here against our will and during the four years we got treated less than animals.

So, they are the one who are making crimes against our humanity and against the international laws ...

We decided to stand up this time and we are not going to move to anywhere else in this country that you brought us to against our will.

" Enough is enough "

Plz take us from this country coz we want to be out of this hell more than anyone...

@ManusAlert (via Telegram)


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