PNG Court Decision on Manus Detention Centre


A message from the refugees on Manus via Telegram (@ManusAlert). The PNG courts rejected an application that the basic services such as electricity and water be restored. They have also said Australia's responsibility for the refugees has ended

PNG's Chief Justice said:
• if the closure of the Manus detention centre breached Constitutional rights then the remedy "lies in damages".*
• there is no real good reason why they (asylum seekers) should not voluntarily move "to new facilities on Manus".
• he's satisfied services at alternative accommodation on Manus "are of good standard" and free movement is allowed.
• the responsibility for the asylum seekers' future welfare now "falls squarely on the government of PNG".
• Australia's responsibility to the asylum seeker's welfare ended with the closure of the Manus detention centre.
Thanks to Liam Fox reporter, ABC News Pacific Affairs Reporter, for this information
* "Damages" means if your rights were breached you can sue for money


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