National Front Stopped From Gathering


Another report on the National Front attempted rally in Wellington on October 28th, the day of the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, and also official Remembrance Day for the New Zealand wars of the 1860s.

Two hundred people turned out to disrupt the New Zealand National Front annual flag day in Wellington last Saturday. About twenty NF supporters appeared but were outnumbered and many had to be escorted away by the police after they were surrounded by anti-fascist protesters.

A group of Wellington trade unionists, socialists and anarchists organised the counter rally. The National Front have been holding annual rallies for 14 years, and normally get very little support and no media coverage at all. This year, as the alt right has been on the rise internationally, we thought it was important to remind the National Front of how unpopular they are. This year’s Flag Day rally took place on October 28th which is the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence signed by Northern Maori leaders in 1835, and was recently declared the official Remembrance Day for the New Zealand wars of the 1860s. Our rally planned to highlight these issues and make sure the National Front would be outnumbered on the day. The counter rally met outside parliament grounds and heard from a range of speakers while we waited for the fascists to show up.

Eventually about eight NZNF members turned up and started walking up Molesworth Street to avoid our rally. They were confronted by a small group of anti-fascists. The fascists were split up and eventually police arrived and escorted one group of fascists (including NZNF leader Colin King Ansell and recently resigned Right Wing Resistance leader Vaughan Tocker) back towards the railway station.

By this time about 200 people from the main counter rally surrounded the remaining three or four fascists who were standing around looking stupid. Somebody covered one of them in purple glitter and the Police eventually escorted them away in the opposite direction from the railway station.

Back at the railway station, anti-fascists continued to harass Colin and his mates all the way to their train, and we ran into another group of NF members sitting in the railway station bar. The urge to defend their white brothers was not as strong as the urge to drink beer so they yelled a few insults but remained seated and drinking.

A fourth group of half a dozen alt right types were lurking in Lambton Quay at the other side of Parliament. They were in town to meet the NF but had no desire to join them while so many anti-fascist protesters were wandering around. They discreetly followed the protesters who were chasing the NF o the railway station but avoided getting involved.
The anti-racist protest was a success and the National Front were unable to meet as a group while we were present. After a couple of hours we dispersed and went home. In the early evening, the NF sneaked back into parliament grounds to take photos of themselves. They made a few speeches about being the master race but no one was listening.


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