Fbi creates police state


See evidence of fbi's global police state and my suggestions on how to stop it.

Fbi creates police state

The fbi trains most police in USA (and in other countries) as homicidal sociopaths who have no respect for the individual human being.

The result of such violent instructions from fbi's own serial killers is a thorough programming of police to view you and me as unworthy of their time and as deserving of imprisonment or death.

Furthermore, SCOTUS now grants all police the power to legally kill us, if we attempt to flee from police in our car.

So, the general population often lives in fear of cops who, as we witness, kill people willy nilly across the nation.

As I have demonstrated, many cops regularly treat victims of crimes with contempt and even as suspects. See my reports on how the entire law enforcement community globally assist the fbi and their operatives who engage in felonies against me for decades: University of Texas cops Wilson & Bleier and their cadre of cops at different campuses, Brownsville Texas defective detective Posada, USPI Knifing & Texas DPS Rodriguez, and many others who harassed and tried to kill me. Federal cops in ICE and Border Patrol repeatedly threatened and assaulted me.

A few police discovered the fbi campaign to discredit, imprison or kill me and expressed concern on my behalf. Yet, most police accept the fbi mandate to treat political Targets as criminals.

See my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014 online.

Thus, police and our people are unnecessarily subjected to increased risk as a direct result of fbi's own psychopathic murderers and torturers. Federal judges and USDJ also aid fbi in their crime spree against innocent people which is unprecedented in human affairs.

How to stop them:

** Remove fbi, fire all agents, prosecute all fbi agents and operatives and bring their corrupt federal judges to public attention. Retrain all police and remove SCOTUS. Educate the public and instill a culture of mutual respect in society for all persons by stopping gossip, rumor and fbi orchestrated gang violence.**

Most covert crimes against our people are committed or condoned by fbi. See:



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