A message from Manus detention centre to Red Cross


The situation on Manus Island is urgent and desperate. The Australian Government closed the detention centre on 31 Oct, leaving all refugees with no where to go, and extremely little food and water. They have asked us to share this letter

Please share this letter as much as you can

A message from Manus detention centre.


There is a human tragedy on manus Island going on from one week ago.

The Australian government has cut power, water, food, medical services and every other things from detainees in its torturing center on manus Island after more than 4 years torturing them in different ways. It is only because they don't want to leave the camp a live in PNG.

The security guards and the all other staff left us all alone since 30th October 2017.
There's no any guard around the camp only two mobile police squad which try to stop the boats which detainees hire to get the food to the camp to survive on. Some of the navy staff help the police in doing that too.

In the whole world police and armed forces are organized to help people but in PNG it is different.

They are trying to stop anyone who tries to get food or water for detainees on manus Island torturing center.

There is only one way to get food and necessary things to camp which is using the boats from lorengua town to the camp.

They also frightened and threatened local local people to not sell anything to detainees.
In this terrible situation which the two governments of Australia and PNG have put their hands on detainees necks, we want and ask the RED CROSS AND THE RED CRESCENT ORGANIZATIONS of the all countries to act so urgently and rescue detainees from the cruelty of those two governments which are the first and the most professionals in committing inhumane actions against refugees.

We are asking you to rescue and set us free which is the most important thing for us.
Australia has taken us as political hostages. They do not want to take us to Australia and they don't let us go to New Zealand or Canada where they welcome us to their countries.

Please help to stop this human tragedy. We need a very urgent help. Please help us.
via Telegram - @ManusAlert


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