Lest we forget


This post is a reminder of the only hope we have to stop the insanity of murderous regimes.

Lest we forget

Media and government chiefs often speak of heroes. I see none, except as implied in this report.

Reporters and popular spokesmen speak of constitutional rights & liberties which in my experience do not exist.


Freedom and liberty are the slogans that are held up to motivate  soldiers as this nation sends them into battle. Such lofty words reflect only the delusions of minds controlled by wicked men.

When we hear of USA's intelligence community including fbi/cia et al., they are comprised of cowardly thugs, assassins, serial killers and traitors, clever but not intelligent.

The only possibility for survival of this nation and for humanity itself rests ironically with those of us targeted for torture by societal  hoodlums who recruit and join forces with fbi, etc.,  in criminal assaults against us.

Perhaps our civilization cannot survive the murderous tyranny now unleashed in the form of high tech mind control and torturous psychological operations which are always accompanied by assaults with DEW/ELF & related weaponry.

Yet, if ever a possibility exist for correcting the gross wrongs perpetrated on a people, then we here in the group of stalked, tortured, defamed and murdered human beings are that hope and possibility.

We are, contrary to popular belief, the champions of liberty who awaken in others the truth about this God forsaken, misguided & psychopathic regime and those who partake in its atrocities.

In short we represent the first ever in our time the true
Vanguards For Permanent Establishment of Human Rights And Freedom Globally.


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