In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice –
Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life,
Limb, Liberty and Property

HEADLINES for IOP Report {No. 1 for November 2017}:

ABC News term 'indigenous'
displaces Australia's
Palestinian allies

Gaza: 7 Palestinians killed
and 12 others wounded
as Israeli forces blow up
blockade-Resistance tunnel

Israeli Occupation of
Palestinian land gives rise to
UN call to isolate Israel

FIFA Council takes note of
UNSC 2334 but sides with Israel

British anti-Balfour activists
apologise on UK's behalf

The Israel Lobby and
the European Union

Israel seeks to destroy entire
Palestinian Bedouin community

Israeli settlers plunder
Palestinian olive harvest

Israel to establish
200-police presence
in Al-Aqsa Mosque

France refers to
UNSCR 2334 Resolution
in condemnation of Israel

Israel Lobby's
grip on US tightens



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