DLANZ Dear Facebook Disabled express concern re Censorship Suspensions An Open Letter


So the purpose of this letter to Face Book i IS that nformation is Empowerment The Internet is now noted as The 5th Estate, a Censorship? Yes, so please could you stop this restriction and when moderating your groups, please take time to know them.

DLANZ Contact disabled.liberationz@gmail.com AND ph NZ 09 8276363

Dear Facebook Attention CEO Mark Zuckerberg fro, Doug Hay @ DLANZ
My name is Doug Hay, a member of your organization for a number of years. Also I run a Facebook Page of DLANZ DISABLED LIBERATION AOTEAROA NZ, an Open Book of which our ‘About’ states ‘’ This is an Activist Organization for Indigenous Struggle; Social Justice; Environmental concerns...overarched and underpinned to Disabled beliefs and Disability doctrines. ”Able Bodied plus Disabled equals Able Minded, structurally should be the Social Model of Disability. Sharon's Triangle is solution based thinking...in memory of Sharon Devonshire”

As DISABLED LIBERATION AOTEAROA NZ wrote on Sharon Devonshire, a great friend and stalwart of the Disability World here in Aotearoa NZ ‘’ She helped write Disinformation which was the best disability article around in the 1990’s, and I hope the Disabled and Kauri Series can also open up a range of today’s topics for action with a disabled perspective ‘’ in ‘’ Disabled and Kauri Issues vol. 2 “Sharon’s Triangle – Able Bodied plus Disabled equals Able Minded” The NZ Disability Strategy 2001, as it should have been.’ http://www.indymedia.org.nz/articles/1357 DLANZ 2nd issue releasing posted communiqués - AND A tribute introduction of a well loved and respected figure in our world.’’

I write to complain about Facebook and its Community Standards suspending users for no reason or any real clarity as it happened to me, too. Seems like censorship to me, based on some "community guidelines"??? s sent to FB “My name is Doug Hay and I to formally complain to FACEBOOK ON THESE 'RESTRICTION...the posts are neither Spam nor Abusive and there is no explanation...pleases advice” and all I get as a Reply is….”thanks for sharing your experience”. My response also to their belief that I’m some sort of ‘automated troll’, is a personal and cultural insult to DISABLED LIBERATION AOTEAROA NZ .I'm physically disabled and use my pen as a pointer yet they accuse me of sharing too fast??.. Kaka / Rubbish, these Community Standards are neither clear nor Consistent. (Refer Photo…A Genuine item)

Saw this on Al Jazeera English INSIDE STORY and TV3 AM Breakfast Show debates about Social Media Facebook Twitter etc and these new filters to eradicate the voice of those who don't fit into the 'Algorithms'...new word for me...means the guidelines they set as 'Community Standards'....it appears these are more designed to suit the commercial interests of advertisers, rather than public safety. One of my affiliates from DISABLED LIBERATION AOTEAROA NZ is a Disability Support FACEBOOK for those with Head Injuries etc, and informs me they are copping the same.

Example a baby breastfeeding would cop a rejection, while violence is allowed. and FB won't say what these Algorithms/Guidelines are due to Commercial sensitivity re-affirms my concern about FACE Book’s role as their own Police and how much damage their personal bias affects the lives of people with and without disabilities So the purpose of this letter to Face Book is that Information is Empowerment is a foundation of Disability and Human Rights. The Internet is now noted as The 5th Estate, a Censorship? Yes, so please could you stop this restriction and when moderating your groups, please take time to know them.

In Aotearoa NZ, it is customary to end this with a Waiata / Song, relevant for The Speaker DLANZ share through Facebook an Youtube, lyrics if possible.
Waiata is Wheels of Confusion by Black Sabbath

Thank you, and Regards
Doug Hay



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