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Sometimes, it seems a bit ridiculous to single out the nuclear danger, or the climate danger, from all the other insults that human beings are throwing at the planet. Wars and violence are bad enough, but the overall big killer now is pollution..

Sometimes, it seems a bit ridiculous to single out the nuclear danger, or the climate danger from all the other insults that human beings are throwing at the planet. Wars and violence are bad enough, but the overall big killer now is pollution especially when linked to poverty. It's surely time to take a global view of our punished biosphere. It's affecting us, and the biggest organisms, and the smallest - as with the massive decline in flying insects.

Anyway - to nuclear news. Apart from the ever dangling sword of Damocles situation of North Korea, the news for the so-called peaceful nuclear industry is pretty bleak. The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2017 has just been released, and even in China things are crook.


South Australia's Nuclear Fuel Chain Royal Commission - South Australian Greens leader Mark Parnell pointed out that it should always have been a National issue, not just a South Australian one, and that the Commission's advisers were overwhelmingly from the nuclear lobby. In South Australian Parliament, Greens aim to restore Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) Act. - Business South Australia - a strident pro nuclear lobbyist - ruled to not be a 'charity' - still a strident voice for the nuclear lobby.

ANSTO calls High Level Nuclear Waste - "Intermediate Level" - fooling the public - Sick-making propaganda spin, as ANSTO pays rural South Australians to visit Lucas Heights nuclear reactor.
90 organisations join ICAN in calling for the government to sign and ratify
the UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.
News Corpse relates Cory Bernardi's misleading statements on thorium nuclear power.
CLIMATE. Bureau of Meteorology predicts 3 warmer than usual months for Australia. Fossil fuel lobby now dictates Australia's energy policy: Energy Security Board instructed to ignore Paris climate commitments.-
Bob Brown: High Court decision ensures free speech against environmentally polluting companies, like Adani.
Coal and Adani mine project.
Coal not likely to benefit from Turnbull's new energy plan.
• Chief Scientist contradicts Liberal Senator - says far fewer coal-fired power stations being planned.
• Queensland Labor MP angry about delay to act on black lung disease.
• Old polluting coal-fired power station Vales Point profits from energy policy chaos.
• Anti Adani coal project protestors lock themselves to heavy machinery.
• Farmers for Climate Action - Stop compulsory acquisition of grazing land for Adani's private rail line.
• Rescind Adani's Unlimited Water License and support Aussie farmers!.
• Busting the myths about Adani providing 1000s of jobs.
Peter Garrett: Back on centre stage to fight Adani and push for 100% renewables.

ENERGY. Survey shows that Turnbull, Frydenberg and Abbott's electorates
back 50% renewables target.
Victoria's Renewable Energy Target now becomes law. Solar energy: from day one Australian business solar projects pay for themselves. More.
Risk of 'unacceptable war'
- if U.S.A. made a pre-emptive military strike on North Korea.
North Korea warns of possible atmospheric nuclear bomb test. USA nuclear bombers
to go back on 24 hour alert.
Two old former leaders,USA's Jimmy Carter and Russia's Mikhail Gorbachev
talk sense, (but will anyone listen?)
Hiroshima Survivor Setsuko Thurlow
to accept Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of ICAN. ICAN calls on Nobel Foundation to cease indirect nuclear arms investments.
AS UN Climate Change Conference draws near, Christian leaders
demand implementation of Paris Agreement.
Record low prices unsubsidised solar power.
EUROPE. With plummeting renewables costs, costly nuclear fusion to ever make sense.
JAPAN. What a difference a word makes: Japan weakens its annual anti-nuclear resolution!
• NBC News poll shows that three quarters of Americans fear that Trump is leading them into war.

• Drumming up a bogus conspiracy about Hillary Clinton and Uranium One.
• Over 10,000 calls to USA's Federal Energy Regulatory Commission oppose subsidies to nuclear and coal. Not legal to subsidise nuclear stations - says independent company that manages competitive wholesale power markets.
• At long last, Florida residents can stop paying the never-built Levy Nuclear Project. How to get a $60 million payout be an executive of a $9 billion failed nuclear project.
• Up and running in 3 weeks - solar power for Puerto Rico's children's hospita
• Fire Danger Again Rises Across California; Number of Structures Lost in Northern Blazes I to 8,400
• Regular flooding predicted for New York,
• as climate change brings rising sea levels.
• America's Environmental Protection Agency gagging its own scientists on climate change.
UK. As renewable energy costs shrink, British government wastes money on Small Nuclear Reactor fantasy. - Britain's (really uneconomic) 'peaceful' nuclear power is actually subsidising nuclear weapons. Seaweed clogging up cooling system
of EDF's Hunterston B nuclear station in Scotland.
A subsidy ban for new onshore wind farms
could add £1bn onto UK energy bills. Britain's 'Greater Manchester Big Clean Switch'
welcomed by The Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA).
BBC finally apologises
for its uncritical interview with climate denialist Lord Lawson.
NORTH KOREA. Stresses on North Korea's nuclear test mountain
- becoming unstable?
INDIA. India-USA nuclear arrangement
just an American marketing effort - “dead at the very beginning”. With its rapid growth in solar power, India now a leading clean energy generator.
SOUTH AFRICA. South Africa Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba says large nuclear power project is not affordable.
- South Africa's opposition party ready to take legal action if govt fails High Court ruling
on nuclear transparency
SOUTH KOREA. South Korea scrapping plans for 6 nuclear reactors
, but will continue with 2.
FRANCE. Concern over condition of France's aging nuclear reactors: 20 of the 58 currently shut down.
IRAN. Death sentence for man found guilty over Iran nuclear scientist killings
. IAEA boss Yukiya Amano
to visit Iran.
NEW ZEALAND. New govt in New Zealand plans for 100% renewable energy.

Christina Macpherson
Antinuclear Australia



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