Our Civilization Destroyed By fbi Assassins


See how the thugs of fbi cause the disintegration of our civilized world.

The fbi and their hoodlum associates in the police community and on the Bench and their supporters in the civilian community have destroyed America by acting out in homicidal rage against innocent Targets. See a few of the fbi friends in crime below.

Note that most of the fbi assassins sent to torture and kill me are anonymous, including those who attack me with DEW/ELF causing heart disease and other serious injuries and those who pump toxic fumes into my residences and poison me with bio-chem-viral agents.

These are the malevolent people whose dirty attacks on me and other Targets are now the topic of conversation globally. While their names are largely hidden, their membership in the gang of thugs called fbi is well known.

Across the country and half way around the world, these human monsters who convert members of the community to join in their felonious assaults on Targets are evidence of a world in crisis. For civilized society cannot be sustained by corrupt cops and judges.

For specific names, dates and episodes see the twenty part series of my site beginning here:

Note in those 20 parts endless mames of citizen hoodlums seeking favor with fbi as they come into my home and classrooms, destroy my property and cars and make life a living horror.

Then, read my thousands of reports online and my documentaries on insane cops such as USPI Knipfing and TEXAS DPS Rodriguez, University of Texas cops Wilson and Bleier, Brownsville Texas detective Posada, fbi thug operative Alonzo Yanez, the entire library staff at UTHSC Harlingen, Texas,
and my unfriendly neighbors who joined fbi in terrorizing me and my wife for 20 years.

Two of my residences where the fbi turned normal citizens into sociopathic terrorists against me are 1001 E. Fern, McAllen Texas and 2923 Madrid Street, Harlingen, Texas, 78522, where we were harassed night and day by 'upstanding' citizens acting on lies fed them by fbi assassins. They came at us from all around, next door, behind, adjacent, across the street, down the street, several blocks away, and with one coordinated purpose: to instill fear through assaults on us and our property 24/7/365.

** Most of our neighbors there are Hispanic, as was the woman whom I defended in 1972 against fraudulent arrest by fbi in Tampa , Florida. I was the only fbi agent who objected to the crimes against her by fbi.**

Finally, all of these people represent a cross section of USA and thereby reflect the general criminality of our populace at large.

America is dead, killed by fbi and those who serve fbi's macabre agenda.

Thank you for your attention.


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Same exact thing here, yep, medicos also get involved using ionizing continuous heads during consultations, parking lot ambush vehiculars triangulate on my car/truck door coming back. HIking same thing, weaponized vehicles to burn into car door getting back to it. etc. Poisons, the clear gels that volitze, on about anything.

Typo: the Madrid address above is not in Harlingen, but is in Brownsville, Texas.

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