A Wrap Up of fbi Crimes Against GERAL SOSBEE


This report references extensive evidence of fbi's murderous corruption which is ignored or supported by our leaders in congress and the courts.

A Wrap Up of fbi Crimes Against GERAL SOSBEE

For a century the fbi enjoys near absolute power unchecked by the congress and the courts. Indeed, as I have demonstrated the congress and the courts (including SCOTUS) encourage the fbi to continue atrocities against their often political Targets such as me. For evidence of this see my thousands of posts online, my WRIT, and my appeals to congress. Further, the fbi uses all police agencies at every level to threaten, provoke and try to arrest this Target who is never in 72 years of life been accused of any offense, civil or criminal. See my affidavit 2014.

Federal and State police who engage in crimes against me and my wife for the fbi include USPI Knipfing, US Border Patrol agents at the border, ICE, Texas DPS Rodriguez, University of Texas Police Bleier and Wilson who labored to fraudulently issue a BOLO on me on campus, and other police who stopped me to falsely ticket me for traffic offenses that they know I did not commit. In one instance a retired US Border Patrol, loyal to his murderous training, challenged me to a gunfight. A similar challenge was made to me by my next door neighbor in El Paso, Texas, while I was a lawyer there.

One cop named Detective Adrian Posada (Brownsville, Texas PD) lied to me and insulted me in my face and in the presence of my wife, threatened me impliedly, refused to take my report of crimes against me and my wife, and suggested that I ”take the medicine” . Medical doctors and dentists often refuse to treat me, or insult me and make me feel very unwelcomed in their offices. See part 20 of “My Story In Detail” online for a false medical report by a doctor serving the illegal interests of the fbi.

When I sued the fbi in federal district court, LA California, in 2000, the judge also reveals his bias and his apparent ex parte meeting with the fbi assassins. That judge was clearly aware of the secret orders by his colleagues on the bench against me. No lawyer would assist me ever in my efforts to invoke civil, human rights, statutory and constitutional law in my defense. All attorneys are afraid to engage the fbi in court because the ‘cards are stacked’ against any such effort against the powerful fbi.

From every location that I have lived, including El Paso, Dallas, Honolulu, LA, Brownsville & McAllen, Texas, the fbi uses federal magistrate judges (fmj) to issue fraudulent civil process against me in order to “justify” torture and attempted murder of my person. The secret orders of the corrupt fmj are also used internationally in every country where I seek temporary refuge from the torture.

Such countries include: Mexico, Dominican Republic, Japan, & Thailand. In each country the fbi operatives and authorities there tried their best to set me up for arrest. All such efforts fail.

Today, the fbi sends common street thugs to commit assault and battery on me in hopes that I might defend myself. A fmj is standing by to issue his little orders for the fbi in efforts to silence me forever. I never defend myself against such attacks, one of which I captured in city court (Harlingen, Texas) and I learned that the the fbi and cops Bleier & Wilson were all involved. The name of the fbi operative thug is ALONZO YANEZ.

The fbi today also has a foolproof method to process their Target in the most horrendous and corrupt system of civil procedures ever used in the USA. This means that even the most incompetent fbi agent and operative cannot fail in trying to use corrupt law to terrorize me. See:


In this link I show how the fbi perfects the art of its own public corruption by committing crimes which the fbi is responsible to investigate:


The assaults against the Target do not stop with the crimes referenced above, but also include attacks on this Target 24/7/365 with DEW/ELF and related deep spaced based weaponry. These assaults on me now threaten my life. The fbi also uses simultaneously ‘gaslighting’ psychological operations to confuse, disorient or threaten this Target.

After the doctor recently diagnosed me with "ATRIAL FIBRILLATION WITH RAPID MEAN VENTRICULAR RESPONSE, Abnormal ECG" and being at imminent risk of heart attack/stroke caused by ELF, I continued posting my material at various sites. The fbi enters my car regularly and tampers with the settings inside the vehicle, or the fbi takes over the car's robotics to harass me daily. Then, to add more injury to my injuries, the fbi begins ‘gaslighting’ my wife and attacking her with ELF.

Regarding the ELF attacks, the assaults are the worst yet in 15 years of such invisible attacks; the intensity is 9.5 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most painful in terms of extreme sleep deprivation). I am often incapacitated for several hours incapacitated from the sleep deprivation attacks. I deduce that my heart condition is the direct result from extended, intense and prolonged for decades sleep deprivation. So, let no one say that the DEW and ELF are non- lethal.

** “How many people have died from such attacks”, is the question that Congress should address. Another form of murder occures when the fbi forces their ‘experimental dog’ (a Target) to seek and /or to achieve a final exit from the torture. The human monsters fail in all such macabre motives in my case, but perhaps others face a dilemma. See my reports on fbi planting an infection near the tooth #14 in proximity to the brain, the fbi’s synthetically produce/induced kidney stone in me by chemical combination and the fbi efforts to smother me in the hospital after surgery in El Paso, Texas; the fbi also pumps toxic fumes into all of my residences for 20 years.**

Thus, any objective reading of the evidence in support of this report can lead to one final conclusion: the fbi assassins continue today against many Americans and others a vast program of imprisonment, torture, and assassination which are secretly authorized by the judiciary, supported by congress and bear the imprimatur of SCOTUS.

Thank you for your attention on behalf of all Targets of fbi’s murderous schemes globally.


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