Random Reflections


Mind games by fbi assassins played on Targets.

Random Reflections:

The fbi's stalkers, torturers & assassins enjoy destroying the lives of their victims/Targets, and sometimes actually set into motion events and circumstances (including attacks by DEW & ELF)
that disable and kill the victims.

** Regarding the unending mind games played on us by these truly disgusting human monsters, * they tap dance on the brains and sensibilities of the Targets as though the villains are on stage diabolically performing at once for the psychopathic perpetrators themselves and for the victims who cannot forget the travesties heaped upon them.*

The melodrama though also further corrupts the thugs who, by ceaselessly harming others intentionally & for pay, are condemned by all that is holy and beautiful in the universe. They must live with their ugliness and take it with then when their time is up.

No one in our youth prepared us for this dark side of culture which represents all the horrors of evil minds. Such atrocities that many of us chronicle are executed ironically by the very same individuals who are sworn to serve and to protect us, the federal 'burro' of investigation and company.

Thank you for exposing them.

*** * Case in point: McAllen Texas police report # 16-42167. Fbi operative stalks me and my wife in the mall. The security cameras record the assassin who shuffles behind us everywhere we go and who seems gleeful as he dances around, takes off his hat and poses as I pretend to photograph him. The police officer States in his report as follows:**
"...It did appear as if the male was following Geral and his wife around inside the mall.... It is unknown who is responsible for different people following Geral and his wife around."


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