Today, the only progress worth attaining is social progress

In our world people are subjugated by an elite that take possession of the State. Rulers become owners of Land and Capital. Impoverished masses become slaves. Elements of domination include Law, Army, Police which are used to perpetuate exploitation

Today the only progress worth attaining is social progress

Fernando García Izquierdo

During the last five or six years in France, the country where I live, a large body of professional scoundrels, relatively young and extraordinarily well trained for the task (tasks) they are performing, which is to bring further prosperity to a race of vipers, already very prosperous, have taken into their hands all the reins of power of what constitutionalists would call the State.

Let me repeat this (somewhat differently), for I would like to clarify my own thoughts as I go on, thinking, writing, recalling, taking notes, and little else. For I am really too old to start investigating, investigative journalism, as they say.

Through my studies of ‘Historical Materialism’ I’ve learned that the State came, as a form of organisation among humans, when these reached a certain degree of development. Historians call this the passage from “the Horde” to “the State.”

With the establishment of the State, wherever and whenever this occured, humanity said goodbye to primitive communism. The organisation was one of command, which implied the existence of very well-constituted élite. It is said that, amongst us Europeans, this happened in Athens (City-State) when Solon destroyed the old patriarcal organisation (previously matriarcal) and, somewhat paradoxically, it was partly foreigners who in the end ruled the roost.

For a very long time now, a new substantial change has been envisaged. Karl Marx thought that in order to win the battle against capitalism and enter into a new era, a period of proletarian dictatorship would be needed, that to get rid of the state, which enslaves us, the workers must take command. But this is another story.

The story today, at this moment of time (as a pedant would say) is so simple, so uncomplicated (combat between rich minority and impoverished masses) that I am surprised there are debates, doubts, etc. THERE IS NEED FOR REVOLUTION, full stop, and this because to adopt another form of society is urgent (the planet is changing disastrously). The imperialists would not voluntarily yield an iota. The biggest and blondest of them, Trump, says no other thing, every day, every minute.

In our so-called free world, the State is an instrument of repression and accumulation in the hands of a few. Look at the Chiefs of State in our world these days – Not only Trump, but the very British leadership, or Rajoy in Spain, or these Frenchies to whom I was alluding hereinabove. They are there using the state, (copying Rousseau), “to keep the poor in their poverty and the rich in the position they have usurped.” This is evident, and there is no more to say about it.

Readers who do not live in this country will not believe this; but I, who listen every day to France-Inter can tell them that a minister this morning was saying (in other words, of course), that those who are today suffering, those who are today unemployed are very selfish; the country being so ruined, in such a great state of deficit, they demand too much, wanting to have big wages, when abroad workers get satisfied with much less, lower wages, “interim” employment, if there is any work; and if there is no work at all are pleased with the charity available.

Upon reflection, of course, the reigning mountebanks cannot but add: of course it must be hard not to eat to your complete satisfaction and have to sleep rough, sometimes in the street.

And there is more, the minister argued thus: we are not like in the times of Karl Marx. We live in an era of INNOVATION, the people must tighten (temporarily) their belts, the workers must learn to accept unemployment, BECAUSE in our time technical progress has been such and Capital is so costly that production costs us more than in yesteryears. We must compensate, getting rid of labour costs. And they add, like in an aside in the theatre: besides, we are working with our wisemen in order to INVENT ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE… and be fucked, you working-classes.

I get sick, hearing or reading everywhere these bandits giving their NEW DEAL lessons. For they are constantly on the media. Real gangsters, well-armed with their shit-of-a-doctrine: shouting prohibitions, uttering menaces and empty promises, giving orders, cultural-religious explanations, imperialistic lessons to humble people, advice, announcements, bright ideas: LIES, LIES, LIES, shooting from the mouths of industrialists, bankers, the president, ministers, state-secretaries and the whole lot of rogues constantly occupying the scene. Most especially for me, once young and full of hope, who believed in life and revolution… for many years I lived under the crude boot of fascism, and in the Free World was immersed in the capitalist entanglement… and saw THIS STUFF, a world of scoundrels, as I have already said.

Enough to cry tears large as pearls! Oh, gosh, is this the world in which I have lived, me one of these humans? Is this the earth from which I am soon to depart, the infernal horror to which I myself have contributed, to which we all have contributed?

The other day, again, one of them was occupying the scene, one of the biggest among the Big Scoundrels, direct from “Industry”. The reader knows that, in our society, there are the selected few and then the poor masses. He was complaining. It is not true that they lose money, the rascals now operate more cleverly, the capitalist entanglement is more subtle, perhaps sometimes less money comes in, I mean less than before, there is more risk, but the so-called financial activists know they can spare a dollar, euro, etc. It is a lie to say they LOSE: they are richer than ever and manage to have bigger profits ‘in toto’.
Yes, there is the fact that they have to employ more constant capital many times.

And this is what the brigand proposed on the radio: the workers must not be egoistic, they should cease striking and other labour action, and WE shall thus be stronger (future growth) if labour becomes more competitive, as the Germans have done, who no longer have wages or salaries worth mentioning. An awarded economics professor proved that there is a crisis. Our industrialists see their profits going down (he did not say “constantly”.) We have to compensate somehow. No better move for them than getting rid of the work force. Ah! and transfer plants to Rumania, Bulgaria, Moldovia… The Great Rascals thus triple their profits.

Now let me add that “yes, we all can foresee that profits will go down, very soon. But THEY do not seem to understand anything. Two centuries ago Marx knew this. He wrote a chapter in Part III of Capital on the subject of “The Diminishing Rate of Profit.”

Contrary to the thinking of the new wisemen of the system, who move in life, act in finance by instinct rather than by reasoning, it is not by getting rid (in the process of production) of the element LABOUR, that the element CAPITAL will maximise their wealth. Not at all. Any intelligent capitalist has known these three hundred years that it is precisely human labour that creates THE WEALTH OF NATIONS.

Who doubts that this very moment, we are in a pickle? We the capitalist-imperialists; we the perfect, perfectly-educated, perfectly-trained rulers of the world. We who just a century ago were MAKING the world, cutting portions of the East, and of Asia, Oceania, Africa and the Americas, just as the Maitre-d’hotel cuts for us in sumptuous Palaces our choice cheeses.

Oh! the planet of Queen Victoria, Empress of submissive India: for herself, (English India) all the lands from Burma to Palestine, and from the Himalaya to Ceylon… and much more land, besides. Have we not yet learned that era has ended, and its effects should have been buried long ago, WITH THE CADAVER CALLED CAPITALISM?

But reverting to the main subject of this article, France, LA DOUCE FRANCE. This marvellous, beautiful country offers us (humans) as a consequence of so many privileges supplied by Nature: situation, climate, variety of lands and soil, and the genius of her people, due in part, as well, to the immense variety of descent or race of her people, everything.

With one marked exception. This is still (in her soul) a savagely monarchical nation. It hurts me to see that (in spirit) this is still Louis XIV land. Wealth distribution (or redistribution) is lacking, specially today. “The Rich and the Pauper”, that is another way of speaking of today’s French. The same as always. Here as in Activist America, the Free World is under control of “fuerzas ocultas”, to put it in a nutshell. Of course, majestic Britain, Spain and elsewhere the same is happening, but “parmi nous” it feels worse because of what France has represented. We all know that.

Traditionally all France BELONGED to “les deux cent familles”, the two hundred families. Towards the end of the eighteenth century the French people took to the streets crying “les aristocrats on les prendra” (let us finish with that lot), and very nearly massacred THEM ALL, only not on the gallows (as “prendra” implies) but cutting their throats. The revolutionaries invented “the guillotine” to go much faster.

Nevertheless, many rascals survived and came back, and they won in the end. They became henceforward better advised and (what is still worse, caused the British monarchy to gain expertise in cunning, much more than any other race.) Anyhow, I shall now change the tune, or I shall deviate from my subject.

These last few months-years, as I have said at the beginning of this article, one has seen scoundrels of several categories and origins, but all great sycophants, rushing to sink on their knees and offering their persons and help to the New Sovereign. “Me voilà, Maréchal!”

And so, is it true that these numerous bandits come from so many different origins, as advertised? Before I answer this question let me say that President Macron, the Jupiter of the Nation newly offered to us, is all the time implying that he is not right wing, nor left wing, nor any wing or limb or anything but THE LEADER. And the reality is that he came out of the blue one day, four or five years ago to direct the finances of “la France”, for he was a banker, posted by La Banque Rothschild, at a time when the State was said to be Socialist. He has since confessed that he has never been socialist or anything remotely progressive. When he was elected, some force brought forwards several hundreds of “participants” in the government of the nation… and, if the readers could have seen all this, the scramble of these mountebacks to occupy posts, to call themselves left, right, centre, democratic, religious, ecologist or whatever, they would burst out laughing … some are this, some are that, some are nothing and some are everything, our members of government, legislature, judiciary, local administration, all.

In the meantime, every day that passes there is less employment for the “peasant” and “working” classes, and less or worse “bread to eat.”

I still move about a little, at my eighty-eight years of age, and speak to friends and relatives and acquaintances alike, and even to an unknown man or woman, sitting next to me on a bench: “Wealth distribution, collectivism, working classes…, you know, in a word, social progres…”

They do not seem to even know what I am talking about.


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