Who are the traitors in collusion with fbi assassins?


This report seeks to identify persons and groups who know the identities of fbi torturers and assassins.

Who in & out of government are responsible for torture (physical and psychological), attempted murder and covert assassinations of Americans?
We answer the question by exposing the traitors in Congress, SCOTUS, and others who cooperate in unconscionable crimes by fbi/cia and their agents & operatives & assets globally. These killers have the distinction of representing the most despicable gang of psychopathic serial killers and torturers in modern history.

Specific names of fbi agents and other employees are known to corrupt cops and common thugs whom I have previously identified: USPI KNIPFING and Texas DPS RODRIGUEZ, UT cops Bleier & Wilson, Brownsville Texas defective detective Adrian Posada, thugs Alonzo Yanez & Eusebio Contreras et al.


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