Amazing day of peace action disrupts Weapons Expo


“It has been an amazing day of peace action in Wellington where hundreds of people successfully blockaded the entrance to the Westpac Stadium."

"Weapons Expo delegates were prevented from getting inside for most of the day,” said Jessie Dennis from Peace Action Wellington.

5 people were arrested for minor offences in upholding the non-violent blockade, with six having been released without charge as of 5:30pm.

“The arrests are outrageous. These people are human rights defenders, and we should thank them for their work in making the world a safer and more peaceful place. We expect all of these charges will be dropped, but we will be supporting them through any court process whatever the outcome,” said Dennis.

“We are thrilled with the courage and solidarity shown by all the people who joined us today. Our action has been effective because it has directly impacted on the only thing that matters to weapons dealers: making money.

“The heavy-handed and violent actions of the police in protecting and attempting to escort delegates inside was shameful. A number of peaceful blockaders were pushed over, pushed into the road and kicked. Some injuries were sustained.

“It is the weapons dealers who are responsible for crimes against humanity, and should be held accountable for their role in making war and creating human misery. They shouldn’t be receiving protection from the police.”

Resistance against the Weapons Expo continues tonight, with a peace vigil being held by the Quakers from 5pm tonight at the railway station. Further creative peace actions will also follow tomorrow.


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Speaking strictly as a Russian Spy who personally helped get Donald Trump elected, I must tell Peace Action Wellington that making noisy protests is not the way to go. Why don't you make a TV channel, podcast and distribute brochures? If you can get angry people to protest then that's all fine'n'dandy but you should try to expand your support base through flyers, books and literature.

No doubt many people attend real life meetings, but in the winter it is difficult to do. You should make propaganda videos and podcasts so that you can radicalise citizens without the need for them to physically attend a meeting. Share propaganda on flash drives and buy a web host plan from a New Zealand server. Good luck comrades! Please do not report me to NZSIS or GCSB, I am not a foreign agent, in fact, New Zealand and the Russian Federation have common goals, to maintain a multi-polar world, and to promote diplomacy instead of war!

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