Maori Party AGM: A Cross Roads After Sky Casino and its Coalitiom with Natiomal

The Ikaroa Rawhiti by-election result and the shameless way National bullied it's members into towing the Party line, over the 'Conscience' vote on the Sky Casino Bill; How Much More For A Coalition Withdraw?

Disabled Liberation offer some options

"Politicians Try To Take Us Away
But They Can't Take Our Freedom To Stay....Freedom" - Tiki Tane

While DLANZ is not a member or a supporter since Maori Party chose to coalition themselves in 2008, we were greatly saddened when the split with Hone Harawira happened. We wish those well and hope this Hui can reform with Mana for a real
'Fusion pf Horizons', this country desperately needs.

Many of Disabled (Hape / Hauaa) believe that an overarching and independent Maori / Indigenous authority is a 'Collective' requirement under _Te Triti O Waitangi ,,_Treaty of,, 1835..1840.....Now and Beyond (Refer "Social Model of Disability 1975 UPIAS & DPCW - Old Skool Kool)

'Whakanui Oranga NZDS 2001, is a structural frame world strategy that helps identify ignorance from indifference when it comes to setting policies for future generations of Aotearoa.'s Able-bodied / Maarohirohi, and Disabled / Hape (with and without other disabilities Hauaa)

Speaking as a Hape (Physical and haappy; to be here :-) , It would be fair to say that: From Damascus to Darfur, Doha to Detroit and all the way back to Dargaville...Children suffer in poverty, while hypocrisy reigns / rains (Refer i.e. 'Solutions to Child Poverty in NZ' 2012)

With over 270 thousand kids already ;living within these paradigms, the last thing this country needs is an extended casino in Auckland. DLANZ are aware that Maori Party voted against the Bill's introduction, however the question remains;

Should NZ Maori Party continue its relationship with an unscrupulous government, who do not have 'a clear mandate', as John Key claims?

This is not for DLANZ, or anyone else to decide. Tariana Turia, has spoken to Radio Waatea's Dale Husband, where she said they will follow instructions from party members An early with drawl would help reinforce calls for an early election, as waiting till 2014 seems a waste of time and monies, for those already suffering today.

Ob the current subject of leadership; DLANZ hold that co-leadership requires co-responsibility. We support the concept of gender equal leadership, so may we suggest:

Te Ururoa Flavell, replace Tariana Turia in her Ministerial Portfolios, while Tari continues as Leader until her retirement?

This move would provide the new co-leader experience at a Cabinet level, dealing with other political parties i.e. Mana, and gain administrative experience over bureaucratic government ministries. Flavell is acknowledged for his earlier work over IHC and Sheltered Workshops 2005-08, and he's man enough for Whanau Ora I think.

Anyway, Good Luck for the AGM and I hope it is fulfilling and fruitful.


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