Oil Free Wellington July update

Kia ora koutou,

We hope you’ve all emerged unscathed from last month’s storm!

Unfortunately, this is not the reality for all Wellingtonians; insurance claims are likely to be around $40 million, and 30,000 homes lost power during the storm. Extreme weather events are increasing with climate change. This is a huge reason to keep up the fight
against drilling off our coast!


The latest news is that Anadarko may be planning to undertake a 2D seismic survey of
the Pegasus Basin as early as September! We hope you’ll get active with us on this
because we’ll need as many people possible.

This would just be the first stage in Anadarko’s plan – they would also need to do a
3D seismic survey the following summer (2014/15) and exploratory drilling the summer
after that. This exploratory work has to be completed within 5 years, according to
their permit conditions. But our hope is that Anadarko are blown away by the strong
regional opposition to oil drilling – visible in communities across the country -
and relinquish their permit before they ever get to drilling.

Watch this space for more news of an exciting opportunity to learn about non-violent
direct action (NVDA), and please do get your thinking hats on for a summer of
action. Best yet, get involved today!

** Volunteers

Oil-Free Wellington is always on the lookout for volunteers! Here are some of the
ways you can help:
* Help to organize the Oil Free Wellington gig. We'd love some people to commit to
helping the organisers with logistics and promotion for the gig.
* Bidder 70: Oil-Free Wellington will be co-hosting a screening of this documentary
at 6:30pm on 20th August at the Paramount (25 Courtenay Place). Bidder 70 follows
the inspiring story of Tim DeChristopher who makes a stand against oil exploration
in Utah. Volunteers are needed to help with postering and promotion.
* We also need volunteers who can commit to promotion and postering for ongoing
Oil-Free-Wellington campaigns.
* Deliver a presentation for Oil-Free Wellington! For this you would need to attend
presentation training and practice as required, and present to local community
groups and other interested gatherings.
* If you are keen to make a bigger commitment to Oil-Free Wellington, you could join
our organising group: for this you would commit to fortnightly meetings, ongoing
organizational commitments, and maybe presentations.
* If you’d like to take the OFW kaupapa to your own neighbourhood, you might be
interested in organizing your own event or a regional group. Have a chat to us
about how this could work for you.
* We’d also like to hear from you if you have specific skills that could be useful
to Oil-Free Wellington. Get in touch; we’d love to hear from you!
* People Profiles – who are the people opposing deep sea oil drilling off our coast
and why? If you’d be willing to share a few words about yourself on our website or
facebook page, please let us know. Email oilfreewellington@gmail.com
* Forward this email to friends and family and encourage them to subscribe.
* Write to newspapers (letters@dompost.co.nz (mailto:letters@dompost.co.nz) and
editor@thewellingtonian.co.nz (mailto:editor@thewellingtonian.co.nz) ), post on your
blog, call radio.
* Let us know if you’d like a free ‘No Drill, No Spill’ poster. Email
oilfreewellington@gmail.com (mailto:oilfreewellington@gmail.com)

** Speaking to community groups

We have developed a great PowerPoint that we can share with interested groups. It
gives some background to oil exploration in Aotearoa New Zealand, as well as
discussing the specific licenses that have been granted off Wellington's coast.
We've talked to a number of community groups now and have found it has been really
valuable to have face to face discussions about the issues and how we can work
together to stop drilling in the Pegasus Basin. The more local people show their
opposition, the more uncomfortable it gets for Anadarko. If you know of a community
group who would be keen to have us speak at their meeting - or would be happy to
send out information to their members - please get in touch.
oilfreewellington@gmail.com (mailto:oilfreewellington@gmail.com)

** Report: Bill McKibben’s Do the Maths Tour

Hundreds of people filled the Embassy Theatre on 13 June to hear 350.org founder
Bill McKibben on the latest, terrifying new climate math.

“It’s simple math: we can emit 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide and stay below
2°C of warming — anything more than that risks catastrophe for life on earth. The
only problem? Burning the fossil fuel that corporations now have in their reserves
would result in emitting 2,795 gigatons of carbon dioxide – five times the safe
amount.” – from

** Report: Frack OFF! Fonterra rejects landfarmed milk

Dairy company Fonterra says it won't collect milk from any new landfarms and has
rejected an oil and gas industry offer to pay for testing. Landfarming, which
involves spreading drilling waste on farmland and sowing new pasture on top, is
controversial and critics are claiming Fonterra's decision as a win. In Taranaki
there are 12 landfarms, where drilling wastes from oil and gas exploration are
treated by being spread on to land. Fonterra collects milk from six landfarms in
Taranaki and will continue to do so. Climate Justice Taranaki has said, "“The recent
expansion of the oil industry due to dangerous new techniques like fracking has
destroyed soils, water aquifers and devastated the lives of farmers and rural folk
in parts of Australia and the USA. We do not want to see that ever happen here.”

Read more here:

** Donate

Oil Free Wellington is a grassroots group and we rely on community support to raise
funds. Right now, we are fundraising to do a large print run of our beautiful new
leaflet. If you are able to donate, please do. Every dollar helps.

Oil Free Wellington
Kiwibank account
38 9014 0627315 00

Please include your surname in the reference column (if you wish) so we can email
you a thank you.

** Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you, so if you've got a campaign idea, or want to offer a
particular skill etc. or invite us to talk to your group, please email us on
oilfreewellington@gmail.com (mailto:oilfreewellington@gmail.com)

Thanks for campaigning with us
The Oil Free Wellington Crew
oilfreewellington@gmail.com (mailto:oilfreewellington@gmail.com)


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