Families Commision Amendment Bill A Slap For "Solutions To Child Poverty In NZ"

The NZ National-led coalition's Families Amendment Bill, currently being debated in Parliamentand reports as "Solutions To Child Poverty In NZ" (2012).will be diluted,

When the Children's Commission released its findings on the state of child poverty in Aotearoa NZ, it came up with the amazing statistic that over 270 thousand kids were suffering - by providing means of identifying poverty (percentage of medium wage) and remedies to address the structural imbalance through program of healthy homes, food for kids in schools and a sustainable universal incomes

When in 2012 this report was released; DLANZ fully supported a call for political action to ensure any recommendations were not going to be lost in some academic trash can, and we are heartened by the use of the findings as foundation for policy formulation and implementation. This is a good example of an independent authority, where the Prime Minister and Minister of Social Development both said they would study the data before making any comments.

Since then the government have played tokenism (wheet-bix and milk in low decile schools an example), however in no way is it close to alleviating poverty or providing a clear operational measurement when determining critical social issues of importance. This attempt of government has the possibility of stunting the ability of the Commission's Expert Advisory Panel by allowing it to be flooded by an overflow from MSD's own advisory unit, without the extra funding, and having its membership and control curtailed in order to just support government initiatives.

Disabled Liberation hope all will support oppositions moves to stop this. Our shock to hear that all 3 NZ Maori Party (Sharples, Turia and Flavell) and Peter Dunne himself have once again sold their principles for the practices of self interest over and above Maori, who are most affected by poverty and unemployment.

Dougie Hay
DLANZ Disabled Liberation Aotearoa NZ

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