((i))ndymedia - some important changes


As you can see, as of last night this website looks a bit different. We have made a number of important changes. We hope you enjoy the new look :-)

Active - Dada - Drupal - Ruby on Rails

We have moved away from Drupal and are now using 'ruby on rails'. When we started back in 2002, we used a Conent Management System developped by our comrades in Sydney called Active, a few years later we moved to Dada, then to the well-known Drupal CMS. So this is our fourth significant move in 10 years, which is quite a lot but also reflects the various people contributing to the project when it comes to tech-issues.

Furthermore, we are now hosted on a different server which gives us greater control and access and is also expected to be faster.


You now have to be logged in to post comments. You can still publish articles anonymously, but we have stopped that for comments. There are several reasons for that including that it will mean less spam for us, and we expect also less moderation as posts that come into conflict with the editorial policy will be less frequent. We expect that some people are unhappy with this decision and it wasn't a decision we took lightly. Please bear in mind, that the editorial collective members are all volunteers and can't be online 24/7 to hide abusive comments. It just takes a few seconds to create a username, and of course you can create multiple usernames.


Well, it's obvious that the site looks a bit different. The newswire is now located towards the bottom of the page and we have introduced sub-features. We want to promote articles to features and sub-features a lot more than we used to. We imagine that many articles will be promoted to be features and sub-features.


Publishing stories on ((i))ndymedia has become even easier. If you struggle, have a look at the tutorial: http://www.indymedia.org.nz/pages/publish-to-indymedia

The categories have changed somewhat and we have introduced tags which helps to search for particular articles.


At this stage, we have not transferred all the articles from the old site over. While that is possible, it requires A LOT of work. So for now, we have simply archived the old site at archive.indymedia.org.nz. You can find all articles and photos there.


Please send any feedback, criticism, suggestions, encouragement etc. to: aotearoa[at]indymedia(dot)org


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