Stockmarket reaction vindicates blockade

“The fact that the shares of major weapons manufacturers soared following the deadly attacks in Paris shows how much weapon companies profit from death and destruction.”


Block Party to Block the Party

Come to the second part of the protest against the Wellington Weapons Conference. Wednesday, 6pm at TSB Arena.


Stop the Weapons Conference

There are two actions to stop the weapons conference this week


Profiting from War: new report on NZ’s weapons and military-related industry released

Peace Action Wellington has today released a report into New Zealand’s weapons and military-related industry.

State Repression

Stop the Spies

THE recent IGIS report confirms that we must stop the spies.

State Repression

Security Intelligence Community must 'Finish what we have started'

The latest PR from the intelligence community: first the IG annual report then the internal review by the SIS declassified after the IG's annual report & also the release of the 'top secret' briefing to John Key to remind us why we need intelligence.


NVDA Workshop

In preparation for the community blockade of the Wellington Weapons Conference, Peace Action is holding a free community nonviolent direct action (NVDA) training session.

War & Militarism

NZ Weapons Conference sponsors tied to illegal US drone war

Lockheed Martin, the major sponsor of next month’s Weapons Conference at the TSB Arena in Wellington, manufacturers the Hellfire missiles fired by drone aircraft. CAE, also a sponsor of the conference, is responsible for training the drone pilots.


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