No Heart for Anzac Frigates - one arrest at Ministry of Defence peaceful protest

A protester was violently arrested at a pre-Anzac Day demonstration at the Ministry of Defence staged by Peace Action Wellington on Monday 18 April to mark the Global Day of Action on Military Spending.


Protest against Anzac war profiteers

18 April, Cenotaph, Wellington 4.30pm As Anzac Day approaches, New Zealand's defence industry continues to exploit the Anzac myth for the perpetuation of its war agenda.


Tax Havens Among Biggest Foreign Owners Of NZ

The Panama Papers have shone a most welcome (and long overdue) light into the murky world of tax havens, offshore trusts and shell companies.


What Export From NZ Is Bigger Than Seafood & Milk Powder Combined?

The answer is the exported profits of transnational corporations.

Workers & Economy

IAG/State Insurance Wins 2015 Roger Award

IAG/State Insurance wins 2015 Roger Award. Serco took second place, Bunnings third.


Picket at (in)Corrections: Justice for Trans Women in Prisons

No Pride in Prisons is holding a picket outside the Department of Corrections Northern Regional office on 22nd Apr (Auckland). No Pride In Prisons' Wellington is holding a picket outside Corrections Office, 44-52 The Terrace on Fri the 22nd Apr.

Government & Law

CAFCA Forces Overseas Investment Office To Lift Cloak Of Secrecy On Its Approvals

The Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) has had a relationship with the Overseas Investment Office (and the Overseas Investment Commission before that) dating back to the 1980s.


“The Trouble with ISDS” Associate Professor Gus Van Harten

Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provides special protections for foreign investors against risks of democracy, regulation, politics, and courts that apply to everyone.


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Stand in solidarity with the East Timorese demanding their rights

End Australia’s theft from one of the poorest nations in Asia! Picket the Australian Consulate.

13 April 2016

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Space, Race, Bodies II: Sovereignty and Migration in a Carceral Age

Otepoti | Dunedin , 12am, this Friday

“The Trouble with ISDS” Associate Professor Gus Van Harten

Tamaki Makarau Auckland, 6:15pm, Friday 13th May

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