Think Carefully About Any COVID-19 Tracing App

Jacinda Ardern has said that she’s skeptical about the efficiency of apps but it doesn’t mean that the government will not be introducing either contact or tracing apps or both. She has said they are still working on them.


COVID-19: Tracking and Tracing Apps in NZ

Desperate to stop the spread of COVID-19 & to get the economy going again, the NZ government plans to introduce COVID apps. OASIS has put together an overview of some of the contact tracing and tracking apps that have come to light in the media.


May 1st Action Calls for Just Recovery, Just Transition for Workers

The 1st of May is the International Day of the Worker, with its origins in the struggle to win workers the 8-hour day in the USA in 1886.



RIMPAC is the world’s largest, US-led naval military exercise. Normally held in May, this year the US has pushed it out to August. The New Zealand government needs to withdraw its participation and support of RIMPAC this year and every year.

War & Militarism

Budget 2020 a slush fund for weapons dealers

Coming out of the Covid-19 lockdown, people across the country want to build a better society

Protest & Revolution

Auckland Activist Fortnightly Newsletter #42

Kia ora whānau, we're now at Alert Level 2! You can find the most up-to-date information at Unite Against COVID-19 ( Stay safe!

Police & Prisons

Get those guns off our streets

Cops have started routine patrols armed with assault rifles in Manukau, Waikato, and Christchurch. Right now, SUVs full of automatic weapons are cruising around our neighbourhoods, looking for a fight.

Ecology & Environment

Open letter to NZ Parliament

Hundreds of the world’s top climate experts have collectively stated that we need unprecedented societal change within the next ten years in order to avoid catastrophic climate change.


19 May 2020
18 May 2020
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Nakba webinar this month

Learn about the Nakba

4 May 2020
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Film Night: ‘Antifa – The Film’

The 2017 US documentary ‘Antifa – The Film’ discusses what fascism is and also explores the broader meaning of ‘Antifa'

20 August 2019
19 August 2019
18 August 2019

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