One year on: the GCSB

On 21 August last year, parliament passed a new law expanding the powers of the Government Communications Security Bureau.


NZ Climate & Health Council: Doctors are calling on all political parties

“Will your party hand over our right to make laws to the US?” ask doctors Media release from Ora Taiao: NZ Climate & Health Council.


Lies and Spies: Why we can’t believe Key on the GCSB & why it matters

On Friday, the New Zealand Herald revealed that a person from the National Security Agency (USA) had visited the Waihopai spybase in February this year and discussed establishing a ‘Special Source Operations’ (SSO) site.


Australia's 'Stopping the Boats' to be Challenged

Australia's interception and boarding of boats outside Australia’s migration zone; holding of asylum seekers indefinitely in international waters; and then taking them to a place against their will, is being challenged.


Nationwide day of action against Israel's war on Gaza and for a Free Palestine

Here are the FaceBook Events pages for each of the cities where activities are planned. As more details are confirmed, we will update this information.

War & Militarism

Say NO to war AGAIN

The United States is getting involved in yet another war in Iraq – at the moment that is by way of aerial bombardment and the deployment of some 500 troops to protect the US Embassy in Baghdad.

State Repression

WhaleOil site tracking visitors

ProPublica reveals that internet tracking software is running on Cameron Slater's right-wing blog.


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Upcoming Events

Divest for Peace

Wellington, Tomorrow, 2:30pm

Compassionate Contrarians: a history of vegetarians in Aotearoa New Zealand

Wellington, Tomorrow, 3pm

March against Sexual Violence

Wellington, 11am, Monday 15th September

Space, Race, Bodies: Geocorpographies of the City, Nation and Empire

Dunedin, 9am, 8th December 2014

WW1 - alternative viewpoints

Wellingon, 12am, 2nd April 2015

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