Australian embassy turned into detention centre

Staff at the Australian embassy in Wellington today missed out on their lunch break while protesters cordoned off the building.


Increase in refugee quota is an insult

Anyone hoping that the NZ government would be doubling the refugee quota was taught a lesson today.


Defence Spending obscene opening for more wars

There is simply no justification for upgrading any of the military equipment outlined in the Defence White Paper.


Life jackets in Wellington

All sorts of famous people in Wellington have been decorated with life jackets in an action to draw attention to the many border deaths that have occured over the last few years.


Tribute to Kanak independence activist Susanna Ounei by Teresia Teaiwa

"Susanna Ounei never failed to join her voice to movements for justice...she was a significant figure in Kanak independence movement and also played a significant role in the Māori sovereignty movement in NZ in the 1980s as an inspirational speaker"


Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change III: The academic and activist interface

Existing structures of power, exploitation and inequality are not inevitable, and there are many existing alternative visions and emerging possibilities for organising life - this conference seeks to support these alternatives.


No one is illegal, Australia!

Show your support for asylum seekers affected by the Australian Government's mandatory offshore detention policy. We're going to turn the Australian High Commission in Thorndon into a symbolic detention centre-show them how it feels to be locked in!


The Spanish Revolution - 80 Years

Escape the Wellington winter and celebrate one of the great moments of history when ordinary Spaniards seized control of their lives, fought fascism and showed how pleasant life could be when capitalism and the state are consigned to the dustbin.


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The Spanish Revolution - 80 Years

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Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change III: The academic and activist interface

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