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Over 100 West Papuans arrested and dozens of houses burned down

Free West Papua – Several days ago, the Indonesian military and police arrested scores of West Papuans in a village very close to the world’s largest goldmine. Up to 116 West Papuan men, women and children were arrested and tortured.


Drone strikes and School attacks

The Peshawar school attack is being labelled the worst terrorist attack to occur in Pakistan. Children died. But it was not the first ever school attacked, another one was in northern Pakistan. It was attacked by a US drone. Children died.


Activists Lock On to NZ Petroleum and Minerals Headquarters

At 2pm three Oil Free Wellington activists locked themselves to the entrance of the NZ Petroleum and Minerals headquarters on Stout street in Wellington in protest of the distribution of new oil and gas permits across New Zealand, announced today.

Workers & Economy

TPPA Bulletin #60

The final round of TPPA technical talks are scheduled from 26 January in New York. Ministers are scheduled to meet in the 2nd or 3rd week of March to do the deal. Obama is pulling out all the stops to make the deal happen.


The Waihopai Spy Base Protest

The annual The Waihopai Spy Base Protest takes place this year from January 23-25.

War & Militarism

No war football game: Victory for the non-combatants!

Civilians kick butt over the soldiers in the anti-war football game at Parliament today. Score: 3-0

State Repression

Operation Pandora targets Spanish anarchists in Barcelona

On 16 Dec, Spanish police launched ‘operation pandora’. Round-ups, searches, and arrests were carried out at squats in ‘casa de la montaña,’ barcelona, at the libertarian san-andres reading room, the anarchist reading room & 15 private homes.


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