Life jackets in Wellington

All sorts of famous people in Wellington have been decorated with life jackets in an action to draw attention to the many border deaths that have occured over the last few years.


'Trafficked illegally here. Close Manus prison now.'

Daily protests on Nauru and Manus are continuing - the off-shore 'processing centres' must close, and another person has committed suicide on Nauru. He had been 'officially' recognised as a refugee five months ago.


Border Militarisation

The Freedom shop invites you to an evening of short films and discussion on borders, refugees and militarisation


Close Nauru & Manus

"This is how tired we are, this action will show how exhausted we are. I cannot take it anymore'" said Omid before setting himself alight on Nauru. Days later another person also set themselves alight.

Workers & Economy

IAG/State Insurance Just Keeps On Demonstrating Why It Won The Roger Award

This latest outrage by IAG/State Insurance just goes to show why it was such a worthy winner of the 2015 Roger Award for the Worst Transnational Corporation Operating in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Government & Law

Overseas Investment Office Review. What NZ needs is a bouncer, not a doorman

The Government has announced an “independent review” of the Overseas Investment Office in the wake of its 2014 approval of the sale of Onetai Station to buyers who figure in the Panama Papers.

Media & Reviews

Well done, Mr Weldon!

First you stuffed TV3, then you stuffed yourself.

Ecology & Environment

Radical Action Grants Autumn 2016 Round Opens

It has been a fantastic summer of direct action all around Aotearoa.


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