Key & NZ Police at G20: what a contribution

While 200 New Zealand police officers are repressing protests outside of the G20 in Brisbane this week, John Key has been inside pushing the interests of giant multinational corporations to fast track the WTO and eliminate “barriers to competition.”


Treaty Signatories Did Not Cede Sovereignty in February 1840 – Tribunal

The rangatira who signed te Tiriti o Waitangi in February 1840 did not cede sovereignty to the British Crown, the Waitangi Tribunal has concluded.


Pike River - the final cover-up?

Mine bosses hope they've got away with it


SIS Law Changes: 'Remember, remember – terror, terror, terror'

Is it deliberate or ironic that John Key's 'security threat' talk was on Guy Fawkes Day? As children in some parts of the world sing 'Remember remember the 5th of November: gunpowder, treason and plot', Key's mantra has been 'terror, terror, terror'.

State Repression

New Zealand solidarity with French activist Remi Fraisse and against police murder

This morning the front doors of the French Embassy in Wellington have been covered with a message to the French government.


Left Over?

The Freedom Shop Collective invites you to a discussion of grassroots strategy, organisation and issues for the left in the wake of the continuing failure of electoral politics.

State Repression

Does New Zealand have its own secret court?

Thanks to Edward Snowden, there has been an enormous amount of news about the US intelligence community and the court – the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Court (FISA) – that governs it.

Government & Law

False Flags

When politicians start talking about “our” flag, this is reason to be on alert.


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How to stop the tea-break busting bill

Direct action against employers and the government

28 October 2014

No NZ support for War in Iraq: Public Meeting 2

with Nicky Hager on New Zealand's involvement in the War on Terrorism and a speaker on the rise of ISIS +Q&A and discussion time.

26 October 2014

Upcoming Events

Left Over?

Wellington, Tomorrow, 7pm

Anti-war organising meeting

Wellington, 6pm, this Wednesday

Occupation 101: Palestine film screening

Wellington, 7pm, this Saturday

Space, Race, Bodies: Geocorpographies of the City, Nation and Empire

Dunedin, 9am, Monday 8th December

No More School: The Case Against Compulsory Schooling

Auckland, 6:30pm, Wednesday 10th December

WW1 - alternative viewpoints

Wellingon, 12am, 2nd April 2015

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