Hungerstrike ended - now lets end mandatory and indefinite detention

Saeed Hassanloo, an Iranian refugee on hunger strike for more than 40 days, has ended his strike and accepted medical care. However, he will continue to be held in indefinite detention in Australia. The policy of indefinite detention must stop.


Hunger strike refugee near death in Australia

In Australia another asylum seeker is about to die in custody, this time by hunger strike. Saeed Hassanloo, who has been on hunger strike for more than 40 days, is near death. He has been refusing water for nearly a week. This is murder.


Disrupting the narrative

Disrupting the Narrative is a week-long event incorporating an exhibition of contemporary art, historical material and public talks that seeks to reframe existing narratives about New Zealand’s participation in the First World War.


Oversight? Yeah, right! Today’s Intelligence and Security Committee review of NZSIS and GCSB

The public portion of today’s annual review of the GCSB and NZSIS was a stage managed public relations exercise in which it appears that the new (acting) Director of the GCSB lied to the Select Committee.


NZCTU deliver asbestos petition

Following discover of asbestos in Kiwirail cars and in Christchurch homes.

War & Militarism

GCSB and Five Eyes-What we know

What we've learned from weeks of disclosure about the GCSB and global spying

Workers & Economy

On the Northland by election circus

the irrelevance of parliament for workers

War & Militarism

Refuting diplo-nonsense 1

A rebuttal to Victoria University Professor Robert Ayson’s essay on the deployment of NZ troops to Iraq.


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