Raids in Australia one week, new law the next?

On Thursday 18 September Australia's supposed largest counter-terrorism raid took place, it was the same week as Australian troops left for the 'Middle East' and is just days before new anti-terrorism legislation will be debated in parliament.


Cortex, 'Operation Speargun' and Surveillance in NZ

OASIS reports on 'Operation Speargun', Project Cortex and the NZ Intelligence Community.


‘Call to action on climate change and health’ from health organisations

Ten New Zealand health organisations have released a joint ‘Call to Action on Climate Change and Health’ today.


OFF KEY-Musicians rallying for freedom of expression

Wellington musicians are banding together to support artistic freedom. This concert, Off Key, protests the New Zealand Electoral Commission’s view that satirical song and video Planet Key is an “election programme” and an “election advertisement”.

War & Militarism

Apocalypse Now, Iraq Edition, Fighting in Iraq Until Hell Freezes Over

It's beyond belief that Washington has again plunged into the swamp of the Sunni-Shia mess in Iraq.

Government & Law

Why we’re winning 1

It was all horribly depressing on Sunday. It seemed that everything was decked in National Blue. Even the fucking sky over Wellington was blue.

Protest & Revolution

Brisbane: First Nations response to G20 summit

The 12th to the 16th of November will see Brisbane playing host to the G20 Summit.


Hikoi against deep sea oil

Statoil, the Norwegian oil company is about to begin the first stage of its fifteen year work programme to explore for oil in the deep and dangerous waters off the west coast of Northland.


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