This is not about free speech

Canadian alt-right speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux were planning to perform in Auckland on 3 August. Then Auckland Live and Mayor Phil Goff cancelled the booking, citing, like woosie social democrats do, security reasons.


Haere Atu, Fascists

Auckland Peace Action (APA) calls on the Minister of Immigration to refuse racist hatemongers Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern entry to New Zealand.


IGIS report ignores morality of NZ spying in South Pacific

The IGIS published their report on GCSB spying in the South Pacific and said it was legal. New Zealand Council for Civil Liberties says the report is a whitewash and misses the point, the issue is not about the legality of spying.


Two new books take a hard look at the fight against Adani and Australia’s future

"The Coal Truth - The fight to stop Adani, defeat the big polluters and reclaim our democracy" and "Adani and the War Over Coal". 'Both books are a must read for progressives and help to equip readers for activism.'

Protest & Revolution

In Australia peaceful protests could in future carry prison sentences of up to 25 years

Peaceful anti-government protest could soon carry prison sentences of up to 25 years in Australia under draconian police state laws just passed.

State Repression

'See No Evil' - NZ's betrayal of the people of West Papua

'See No Evil' calls for a just and permanent solution – self-determination – for the people of West Papua. The book will be launched at a series of events around the country.

Race & Racism

Brothers Wreck: Fighting back against suicide in Australian Indigenous communities 2

Acclaimed Australian actor and playwright Jada Alberts has had enough of the scourge of suicide impacting Indigenous Australians, and she's using her words to address the issue. Her play 'Brothers Wreck' is about to debut in Adelaide.


The Case Against Prisons

A public meeting hosted by JustSpeak to help fuel conversation about the supposed value prisons provide to us as communities, & the actual versus perceived risks they are supposed to solve.


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