Activists Lock On to NZ Petroleum and Minerals Headquarters

At 2pm three Oil Free Wellington activists locked themselves to the entrance of the NZ Petroleum and Minerals headquarters on Stout street in Wellington in protest of the distribution of new oil and gas permits across New Zealand, announced today.


2014 Roger Award Finalists Named

The six finalists for the 2014 Roger Award for the Worst Transnational Corporation Operating in Aotearoa/New Zealand are: • ANZ • British American Tobacco NZ • Coca Cola Amatil • IAG/State Insurance • PGG Wrightson • Rio Tinto


Expect resistance: An update on the deep sea oil campaign + summer plans

As we gear up for another Summer of resistance to deep sea oil, come along for an informal evening to hear where the campaign is at, what companies hold which permits and what stages they're at, and what's being planned to oppose them.


Key & NZ Police at G20: what a contribution

While 200 New Zealand police officers are repressing protests outside of the G20 in Brisbane this week, John Key has been inside pushing the interests of giant multinational corporations to fast track the WTO and eliminate “barriers to competition.”


Football for Peace – celebrate the 1914 Christmas Truce

What: Boxing Day Football Game, all ages and skill levels welcome! Where: Parliament forecourt Time: 12 noon.

State Repression

The Security State: We should not be surprised, but we should be worried

On the very day that the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security released her report

State Repression

New Zealand solidarity with French activist Remi Fraisse and against police murder

This morning the front doors of the French Embassy in Wellington have been covered with a message to the French government.


Left Over?

The Freedom Shop Collective invites you to a discussion of grassroots strategy, organisation and issues for the left in the wake of the continuing failure of electoral politics.


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Football for Peace – celebrate the 1914 Christmas Truce

Wellington, 12pm, Friday 26th December

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