New Zealand refuses climate change refugees

Ioane Teitiota has been denied refugee status in NZ. He and his family will be deported. Neither NZ law nor the UN recognise climate change as a criterion for refugee status. People need to recognise the problem and help the family.


Stop the Spies expose GCSB propaganda

Members of the Stop the Spies coalition exposed the full-on propaganda exercise being waged by the GCSB at a speech by director Una Jagose.


Four and a half people a week

Today´s decision by John Key to take an extra 600 refugees over the next two and a half years is nothing short of pathetic.


Refugee crisis result from US wars

Over the past week, the world has become acutely aware of the plight of people fleeing from wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.


"Open Arms not Fire Arms" A public meeting on the Weapons Industry and the Refugee Crisis

Peace Action Wellington warmly invites you to our public meeting at St. John's Community Hall on Wednesday the 21st of October at 6pm.

Immigration & Borders

Key denies climate change is happening

It looks like Ioane Teitiota and his family will be deported to Kiribati on Wednesday, 23 September.


Left Over # 4: Prisons - a serious crime

This country has one of the highest rates of imprisonment in the world & that statistic doesn't include those serving a non­-prison sentence or waiting for a court appearance. Join a discussion at Tory St, 1 Oct, about prisons & the justice industry

Immigration & Borders

Children Overboard Reloaded

Right-wing Australian Senator wants to score points with lies about refugees.


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In the Eye of the Storm: Disaster Politics & Climate Change in the Philippines

Wellington, 6:30pm, Wednesday 14th October

In the Eye of the Storm

Auckland, 6pm, Friday 16th October

"Open Arms not Fire Arms" A public meeting on the Weapons Industry and the Refugee Crisis

Wellington, 6pm, Wednesday 21st October

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