Big Taranaki climate polluters to be named and shamed

Despite the government’s recent announcement for no new offshore petroleum permits, existing permit holders continue to drill on and offshore, and new permits may be issued onshore in Taranaki.


Southern´s little Helpers

The far right want racism and neo-fascism to be mainstreamed and to do that they need help from people within the mainstream political environment, and they are getting that help. by people such as Trotter, Peters and Poulain.


This is not about free speech

Canadian alt-right speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux were planning to perform in Auckland on 3 August. Then Auckland Live and Mayor Phil Goff cancelled the booking, citing, like woosie social democrats do, security reasons.


Haere Atu, Fascists

Auckland Peace Action (APA) calls on the Minister of Immigration to refuse racist hatemongers Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern entry to New Zealand.

Government & Law

Here's what Russia 'has' on Trump

By AVAAZ It’s now shockingly clear that Donald Trump is Putin’s poodle. But we need the world to understand why, before it’s too late…

Race & Racism

Indigenous people must ‘resist, in whatever fashion we can’ to protect land and culture

By WGAR News Australia’s first Indigenous silk [senior barrister], Tony McAvoy, says the native title system “embeds racism” and puts traditional owners under “duress” to approve mining developments or risk losing their land without compensation.

Protest & Revolution

In Australia peaceful protests could in future carry prison sentences of up to 25 years

Peaceful anti-government protest could soon carry prison sentences of up to 25 years in Australia under draconian police state laws just passed.

State Repression

'See No Evil' - NZ's betrayal of the people of West Papua

'See No Evil' calls for a just and permanent solution – self-determination – for the people of West Papua. The book will be launched at a series of events around the country.



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